Monday, March 2, 2009


The reading of the critters was an accurate forecast of our weekend weather. Saturday morning we arose to a blizzard. Feather sized snowflakes fell upon the earth like a pillow fight from Heaven. The snow came fast and furious and it was cold, so......cold. My husband thought this would be an excellent opportunity to pull out the bass boat and get it all spiffed up for the upcoming warm weather. I have a little trouble wrapping my head around this concept. boat???? He expelled his prized procession from winter storage and pulled it down our snow covered dirt road then carefully backed it into our drive to work on it. As he carefully maneuvered it into the spot perfect for spiffing up he heard a noise that he wasn't suppose to hear. Somehow bumping down the wintry road, the motor was released where the propeller and the propeller guard dropped to the grounds surface and broke. Now I have to ask , "Isn't the job of a propeller guard is to guard the propeller?" As the winter precept was piling up, he ordered a new propeller and some other treasures enhance his fishing experience. He too has visions of spring arriving very soon. As the boat sits in the drive blanketed with snow waiting for its new trinkets we know the first warm day that comes along my husband will be casting away somewhere on the lake.

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