Saturday, October 23, 2010


Cleanliness is next Godliness may not be found in the Good Book but this Ozark farm chick takes this old wives sayin' as bona fied gospel. It is after all it is my favorite day of the week! I sport affection, delight and passion toward Deep Clean Friday. Woohoo!!! I know, I'm obsessively twisted but clean makes me ecstatically blissful, it makes my toes curl. Yep, on Fridays ya can find me vacuum in one hand, toilet brush in the other, happier than a hungry tick on a bloodmobile. Creeks arisin' or wild~eyed stampedin' bovine is not gonna detour this demented chick from spotless mirrors and disinfected faucet screens. The floor glistens, toilet sparkles, furnace filters dustless, carpets fluffy makes everything perfect in my little corner of the world. These are the things that make me happy and ya'll know what happens if Mama ain't happy!

Let me take ya back in time. Just before my body blew out in shingles I received an email tellin' me that I had won this adorable Middleton Collectible Doll doesn't she look like a real livin' breathin' baby?

This precious little bundle of joy came from Oz Girl over at City Gal Moves to Oz Land who is the sweetest little city gal gone country givin' every reader a little old taste of her rural country life. Please, go pay her a visit, ya'll won't be disappointed! I have to tell you when this angelfaced dumplin' arrived I opened the box and just seein' the tiny baby wrapped snugly in plastic... well...I panicked! My endorphins surged while the survival instincts of a mama lion kicked in as I hastily ripped plastic wrap right and left freein' the helpless babe from total suffocation. I gently lifted her out of the box supporting her floppy little head into my warm safe maternal arms. She is weighted and feels just like a live baby and I swear as I move 'round a room.....her eyes follow me! Just sayin............
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The next giveaway I won was truly an unexpected surprise. Heck, I didn't even know I entered the darn thing. I just love The Suite life of Lucy and Ethel and am always flappin' my jaw over at their place. Guess I flapped at just the right moment and won a this wonderful novel ,"Not A Fire Exit" written by Christopher M. Finlan. Sweet Lucy also threw in her mama's ( JoAnn Derden)latest beautiful CD, The Story of Noah's Ark. JoAnn's musical interpretations are just amazin' and this is comin' from a chick who knows her tunes! The Suite is all about beating and finding a cure for SMA, Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Helen wrote a book called "The Jeffrey Journey" and how this devastating neuromuscular disease turned her world upside down givin' her precious baby boy his angel wings. Ethel's son , 'Kevin Dude' as I like to call him, just celebrated his birthday and is seventeen years old and is battlein' the effects of SMA. Please go pop over and wish handsome Kevin a happy birthday!!!

Then low and behold right after I returned from Texas I found out that I won a giveaway over at Just Between Me and You where you can meet The Grandmother with the Yellow Hair, Maggie. There you can read about her hilarious antics in law enforcement and if your not real careful you just might run into Mrs. Pearl. Now, if we aren't gonna have a heyday for breakfast 'round the old Ponderosa with all these goodies. Just look at this Pillsbury Grands Mini Biscuit Prize pack, isn't that just the bee's knees??? I have a VIP coupon for free biscuits, a $15.00 gift card for whatever this chick's little heart desires, a delightful biscuit basket, a cow salve (butter) dish and spreader. Just butter my buns and grab me a biscuit 'cause this sure puts me standin' here in high cotton!!!

That's not all folks, if ya order right now....oops...sorry, I got a little carried away. While trippin' to Texas I made an appearance at Grandma's Briefs. Yep, two places at once. I'm talented that way. I was grilled to a buttery golden brown, flipped every so gently and served up on a golden platter. This is a lovely little sight is where we rockin' grandmas can brag and maybe offer a bit of advice on the wonderful world of Grandmas. You can read my grillin' at Grandma Briefs and while your there give that beautiful Lisa a big old shout out. Tell her Nezzy sent ya!

Since I've been busier than a one armed paper hanger with jock itch, I thought I better be takin' care of business combinin' a hodgepodge of posts attempting some sort of catch up 'round here. "Ive been taking care of business every day, taking care of business every way", as goes the song written by Randy Bachman while he was still a member of The Guess Who. The BTO song "Taking Care Of Business" was featured on their 1973 album, Bachman-Turner Overdrive II. "I've been takin' care of business, it's all mine. Takin' Care of business workin' overtime," is how you'll find this spastic chick most days out here smack in the middle of the Missouri Ponderosa.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Jezebel was the name his new baby sister would sport. After all, we were all told the anticipated baby girl's name was in the Bible. Her mom and dad primed her older brother to have a suitable answer for those pryin' kinfolk who weren't beyond pumpin' the innocent young lad for info. She was the baby who came to her mother in a dream and was given the name before conception in that very dream. She is a true princess, a notable archduchess and delights us in livin' up to her royalness. She is my Mini-me a true reflection of my young self. The uncanny resemblance is not only in looks but actions, abilities and mannerisms. So much so it sometimes scares the bejeebers out of this Ozark farm chick.
Honor Elizabeth is a continual joy to our family. Her name even glorifies God. Honor meaning integrity and Elizabeth meaning God is my oath. She kept quiet about her salvation for almost a year not wanting to hurt her daddy's feelings 'cause she now had another Father, her second Daddy. The little aristocrat even shared her brand new 'real' ballet slippers with her little sis. Her heart is big and her imagination is massively bigger. "Mama, when will my Kitties hatch?", she asked with her tiny outstretched hand filled with a smooth oval rock her brother had placed there convincing her it was a kitten egg. Her mama tossed the ripe kitty egg into the backyard never to be seen again. That was 'till a white stray Mama cat appeared during an Ozark ice storm delighting our girl that her kitty egg had indeed hatched. The egg not only hatched but the miracle feline gave birth to four fluffy fur balls in their garage that winter. As her mama found the last fuzzy babe a suitable home Honor discovered another kitty egg. Not takin' any chances the 'kitty egg' was sent home with that last kitten.
Honor celebrated her seventh birthday last month. Her party just happened to fall on International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Now, if ya have never heard of this enthusiastically awaited yearly event ya don't know my adventurous Geek Son's family. They all dress up to the last eye patch and parrot. Yep, my grandsons have gone to church wearin' not only pirate garb but eyeliner! Pirate flags fly high on their house during this day and buccaneer signs are hung throughout. They have startled neighbors, delivery men and pets alike. Havin' a party on International Pirate Day kinda' cinches a birthday theme, don't ya think???
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Well, that's it in the bag. No wait, that's Honor in the bag as toothless as a hillbilly after his first bar fight. Isn't she simply precious??? Melts you heart doesn't she? "You are my princess, you make me smile~~You make my life seem worthwhile," sang Elton John on his 1982 studio album Jump Up which featured the song "Princess". Honor is a special young lady who loves the Lord with all her heart and is always kind and considerate of others. Just like Elton I can proudly shout and sing I love you Hon, 'cause you are my "Princess"!!!
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