Sunday, March 15, 2009


When our children were very young we bought the first of many donkeys for the old ponderosa. Their main vocation is to protect the cattle from coyotes and other unwanted critters. Chocolate Drop, who we lovingly call Chalky, is one unique creature! He has been known to do many unbelievable things such as picking the lock on a barn and opening an old deep freezer containing sacks of feed to enjoy a snack. Chalky loves eating more than anything else. I could easily fill a book on the antics of this creature.

Deep clean Friday as I was pouring myself into many cleaning tasks around the homestead,( I am happiest when I have a half of dozen things going on at once), a commotion attracted my attention coming from the weaning pen where we had allowed Chalky to reside temporarily. It just was easier to let him in than trying to keep him out of the calves we were feeding. Did I mention he loves to eat? Chalky was running around the corral biting this poor heifer (teenage female calf) on the neck. This is a courting ritual that is custom in the donkey dating system. They ran around the pen chased by all the other weaned calves like kids chasing a ball on a soccer field. Soon the mothers of these teens surrounded the pen as if to be cheering them on vocalizing with their loud bellows. I watched as Chalky mounted this poor defenceless girl as if he were the studly steed he thought he was. Trying to make this something of a natural phenomena , I assumed the poor girl was in heat and Chalky was just doi'n what comes naturally. I let my mind wander. Would this new creation be called a doncow or a cowkey??? Knowing this could never happen, I enjoyed letting my imagination play with what a child from these two would look like. Oh, what fun I was having with the pictures in my mind! It really does not take much to entertain me.

I shared what I what I had observed with my hubby on his arrival from work when he informed me the sweet young thing I was calling a heifer was indeed a steer (male calf who has lost his manhood). Ewwwwww! Yep, this blond farm chick did not check out the plummin'. I explained my thoughts on this matter and hubby said it was a male dominance thing. That boys will be boys and Chalky would be banned from the feeding pen he loves so well due to his actions. Today this Macho Man just stands at the gates mourning the loss of his feed buffet just awaiting a chance to charm his way back in. Knowing this donkey, he will do just that.

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