Wednesday, December 22, 2010


It all begins on December one, when Geek Son and The Latin Lovin' Hillbilly celebrate their weddin' anniversary. My dear Mother~in~Love celebrated her eighty~third birthday on the third of this month. The youngest Brother Outlaw had his birthday on the eighth which was also my In~Laws anniversary. Dear eldest grandson, The Cool Dude, turned sixteen on the tenth. My sweet Daughter-in-Orneriness , yep...that would be the Latin Lovin' Hillbilly, lit her cake ablaze on the fourteenth and Geek son blew out thirty-six candles on the eighteenth but young Tex, man of many faces and cute as a box full of six week old puppies, celebrated eleven years of bringin' sunshine into our lives on the twelfth of this very full and dizzy December.
This is Joel who climbs walls with the greatest of ease. Boy mechanic, who can build anything he sets his mind to. No medium is safe within this one's reach. From boards to boxes the adventurous lad always has something goin' on up his sleeve. It is a joy to see him growin' into a fine young man of God. Livin' up to his name Joel, which is Hebrew, "Yo'el"~meaning Yahweh is God and Michael, also Hebrew ,"M'Kah'el"~meaning who is like God, truly loves the Lord with all his heart. Now, this is the kinda stuff that make's this Grandma Muzzie's heart sing.
Now, ya'll don't let the face of this astoundin' mad scientist scare the bejeebers outta ya. Yes, he does have a flashin' lit thingamabob in his mouth. Doesn't he look wilder than a mule chewin' a mouthful of bumblebees? Joel's experiments could give Victor Frankenstein, Doctor Phox (Star Trek Enterprise) or even Doctor Bunsen Honeydew (The Muppet Show) a run for their Bunsen burners. Ya'll know every great mad scientist needs a yummy birthday cake with a beaker full of bubblin' magic potion and scientific equations on it, Right???
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Well, this chick's been runnin' 'round in circles busier than a funeral home fan in the middle of August celebratin' family and then we have Christmas. When daughter, Social Butterfly and her betrothed were tryin' to set a weddin' date she told her darlin' dashin' fiance, " Mama won't allow anyone else to get married or birth a baby in December." They married in January. Ya'll know what happens if Mama ain't happy! Just sayin'.........

In 1969 Tommy Roe sang it best on his 7" vinyl from ABC records with his Pop worldwide single hit which contained a whoppin' eleven key changes, "Dizzy". I've been runnin' 'round in circles as busy as a one legged man in a kickin' contest feelin' like Goofy in the video below...DIZZY!!

God bless each and everyone of ya'll. Have a Merry Christmas and a most prosperous New Year!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

LOVE POTION NO. 9 (Not Wednesday or Wordless)

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Ya'll don't have to have a personal acquaintance with Madam Ruth, know anybody with a gold~capped tooth or have kissed a cop down on 34th and Vine to want a long tall drink of this sweet little potion. This picture was taken several months ago when Ian was tryin' to get a sip of his Grandpa's tea. Oh bestow my heart this one has me in a love trance. Poor little fella's lapper just isn't quite long enough! Heeehehehe!!!

This is one Ozark Farm Chick who has been wound tighter than the girdle of a preachers wife at an all you can eat pancake breakfast just tryin' to get-'er-done. Between the Ponderosa, shoppin', programs, fudge, decorating, gift~wrappin' and a Mother~In~Love who is havin' a heap of problems I can't decide if I've found my rope or lost my horse...little lone have the time I desire to write a readable post.

In 1959 then again in 1971 the d00~wop group, The Clovers, sang from 125th Street, Harlem, of a drink concocted to make you so smitten ya didn't have the brains of a stunted swamp chigger. "Love Potion No. 9" was the song. I become just that brain dead around my grandkiddos. I'm so completely lost in their love my heart almost bursts. This season when we are meeting ourselves comin' and goin' let us remember the reason for the season. Let us drink in the greatest love potion ever gifted to mankind and bask in the glorious love of Jesus. There is just no greater love ever experienced, not even... "Love Potion No. 9!!!

God bless ya'll and enjoy the "Love" of the season.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Look up in the wild blue yonder. It's a big old turkey vulture. It's a seven forty seven. Nope, it's Super Nezzy! Faster than a mad speedin' cantankerous bull. More powerful than a cornered ticked off mama cow. Able to leap tall corral panels in a single bound. This mere mortal Ozark Farm Chick commonly known as Nezzy is now a woman of steel eatin' only a small bowl of Quaker Oatmeal and a slice of whole grain cinnamon toast instead of carryin' Krypotonite.
Mornings begin early here on the Ponderosa and this one was no different. We were gonna load out cattle prior to Hubby goin' to work. Breakfast was finished, Hubs four star lunch was packed and his water thermos filled with cool sparkling iced well water. It was six O'clock AM and dark as burnt toast! I notice the love of my life puttin' on his camouflaged manure stompers and asked what the heck he was doin'. "Off to herd those cattle and separate 'em to load the cattle trailers" was his nonchalant answer. I commenced to tell my man that I'd be as much help as Blind Bartimaeus blindfolded in a lunar eclipse bein' night blind and all when he handed me a flashlight. Yep, not the big cattle stick I usually carry, not a hot shot but a flashlight! As I have often stated, my favorite sayin' 'round these hills and hollers is, "ya want me to do WHAT???" I had that feelin' way down in my innards that this was not a good idea and in so many ways just wrong but bein' the good helpmate I am I bolted out the backdoor in my yoga leggins covered with some old CK jeans, a cute little tee topped with a Carhartt hoodie, my Nike' manure runners and ladies and trusty Maglight! I am after all Super Nezzy!
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We blindly corralled and penned the critters then began sortin' and cuttin' them out according to sex and size. I was flingin' gates open and stepin' in to turn certain bovines when all the sudden I flung the gate open at Hubby's command and a group charged. I did not have my stick, all I had was my Maglite which did not detour the black furry animal who ran right into me nestling it's head into my chest. Nope it wasn't cooing or sayin', "do ya love me Mama," he just wanted me outta his!!! The Dark Knight pushed his nose just under my ribcage below the Grand Tetons liftin' me up off the ground. Lord have mercy, I thought I'd gone to meet my maker! Still hangin' on to my defense weapon with my left hand, the Maglite, I placed my right hand on the head of another bewildered steer and pushed myself back touchin' my tooties on Mother Earth once again. Gotta love that solid ground!

Baby, I was breathless. Gettin' hit in the chest with a full throttle locomotive will do that to a gal. I leaned up against the corral to locate my lungs , catch my breath and count all my fingers and toes. After we loaded three cattle trailers, I took my achy~breaky body and my useless Maglite back to the house to lick my wounds. As soon I a caught my breath I kinda felt like that rockabilly piano poundin' Louisianian who was the kissin' cousin of Mickey Gilly and Jimmy Swaggart, Jerry Lee Lewis. Singin' his boogie woogie country gospel rhythm and blues songs, Jerry's 1958 single fit my situation perfectly. When I think of the animal I came eye~ball to eye~ball with feelin' the heat of his stinky corn breath and the slime from his slobbers I just wanna sing, "You leave me aaah breathless...ah."


Monday, November 15, 2010

Daddy's Girl

He cradled my entire tiny body in his big strong hand as he reached out to greet me. The first words I heard from him was, " Well ,would ya look there??? She's a real farmer..... why, she's already milkin' and spreadin ' manure!!!" This Ozark Farm Chick was the firstborn and the only boy my Daddy would ever have. Mama loved dressin' her perfect precious baby girl satiny dresses piled with poofy layers of ruffles and lace but Daddy clothed me in cowboy outfits and countrified bibbed overalls. He showered me in cap-guns, cowboy boots, cowboy hats and yes, even my own pony. Later on he taught me how to fish amazin' him by casting both left and right handed. Heck, I could even cast upside down which always put a big old smile on his face. This was a man who wasn't big on affectionate hugs, kisses or sweet sappy words but if he liked ya~ you knew it, he would shower you with gifts and look out baby if he loved ya 'cause restraint was not in his vocabulary.

Daddy had a bit of an ornery streak in him that ran through his whole lifetime. As a boy he once told his sister he was gonna buy the little one room High Point School he attended when he grew up and burn it to the ground. Bein' as ornery as a cornered banded bull he in fact, did just that! We had a little old spinster neighbor lady who called late one cold December evening in a panic fearin' that Dad's hayfield was ablaze. As it turned out, it was just the aura of the red Christmas lights that adorned the old well house the prankster decorated in the middle of the big pasture. My best friend and I were chewin' buttons the cold snowy mornin' the jokester decided to try out his new four wheel drive pick up as he drove straight over the steep hill our house rested on instead of takin' the gravel road 'round the hill. Squeals streaked from my children as he chased them around his house snappin' his false teeth in his hands sayin, "I'm gonna bite you!!!" He once took my son to Charlie's Country Store in Filly to get any bottle of soda pop he wanted. Seein' three year old Geek Son 'round the corner with a liter of orange pop as big as he was totally cracked Dad up and of course bought the colossal thing. He initiated my DIL into the family with a WalMart bag filled with the most realistic rubber black snake ya'll have ever seen grinnin' that grin and sayin', " Here, I bought something for ya!"

He's the one who taught me how to saddle and ride a horse and make snow igloos. The one who showed me why you don't shoot a shot gun strait up in the air. Yep folks, he got a big belly laughin' hoot outta that one! He taught me how to drive a car and the control the big tractor after I ran it into the only truck in the wheat field. I received loads of Dad advice like, always carry enough money to get home when ya go out on a date and never look at anything after you've already purchased it. Helpful things like it doesn't cost any more to run a car full than it does empty. How to stand in front of runnin' cattle turnin' them into the workin' pen and even how to jump those corral panels if necessary. He taught me about castration, vaccination and dehorning the wild eyed bovine critters. Even as he walked me down the isle on my weddin' day to marry the man of my dreams ( or as Dad called him, "that long haired hippie guy") he was sayin', "it's not too late my little can still back out. That long haired hippie became the father of his grandchildren, son and treasured confident.

Mom and Dad moved from their Missouri farm in Stockton to Brownsville, Texas where Dad no longer had to feed cattle in the ice and snow. This is where Dad began his long battle with leukemia and many other forms of cancers. Shocking his doctors by surviving impossible odds time and time again, Hubby and I often called him Timex..."takes a lick and keeps on tickin'! He lost this battle the middle of October. He will live on through his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This little great-grandson dude is Dad incarnate. When Joel was born Hubby called him 'Little Bill' and when he gets that ornery gleam in his eye and grins that familiar grin I can see my Daddy. Dad was a lover of the Grand Ole Opry that I often heard echo from his bedroom on the Saturday nights of my youth. Kinda like Red Sovine who hung out with the likes of Minnie Pearl, Charlie Pride and Hank Williams. Daddy fed on Sovine's truck drivin' hit's like Teddy Bear, Cryin in the Chapel and Lay Down Sally but I long to belt out Red's 1974 hit song 'Daddy's Girl' loud and strong.

You will be missed but this Ozark Farm Chick will forever be 'Daddy's Girl'!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010


By porin' some sugar in a sauce pan then stirin' in a good portion' of corn syrup, water then enhancing the concoction with a flavoring that will delight your taste buds and bring your brew to a rollin' boil ya'll can have a lip lickin' sweet treat in about twenty minutes. The edible candy on a stick dates back to 1784 where it initially was referred to as soft instead of hard candy. The word 'Lolly Pop' is broken down into 'Lolly' meaning tongue and 'Pop' meaning slap. Today's modern reference dates back to the 1920's where lollipops were rumored to be invented by George Smith who started brewin' these hard candies in his Connecticut home namin' them after his race horse "Lolly Pop". How fast can you get to the center of a Tootsie Roll??? If you would like to try your hand at makin' these candied sticky lickers just click on this 'tacky' recipe. Heeehehehe!
This confectionery sweet darlin' delight just celebrated her fifth birthday on October, 14th. A luscious dessert to our family she is always spreading sweet fondant blessings through her good natured kindness and consideration. Named Sarah Grace,the youngest of four, has lived up to her Hebrew name meanin' princess. Grace originates from the English language simply meaning full of grace. If that one just doesn't crank the rusty tractor so we just call our sweet little bon-bon Gracie.
This Ozark farm chick knew she was gettin' both granddaughters real ballet slippers and leg warmers for their birthdays but durnin' an intense conversation Miss Sarah Grace told this rockin' grandma she wanted a pretty pink Hot Wheels Car...with glitter. My response to Gracie and her siblings was, "Do they make pink Hot Wheels Cars...with glitter???" With 'nos' flyin' from all directions and heads shakin' back and forth like they were watchin' a ping pong tournament, I knew this was not goin' to be as easy as slidin' off a greasy log backward. Well, not wantin' to get caught with my pants down I flew into action buyin' a Lamborghini gold Hot Wheels car, pink paint and clear silver glitter nail polish. That teeny~tiny car got two coats of pink paint for four days in a row then two glitter coats for two days. Yep, I was havin' more fun than a tornado in a trailer park and was as pleased as punch on how the pink sparkly little Lamborghini turned out. The astound look on Sarah's face and the dazzle in her eyes as she pulled the little car out of the bottom of her ballet bag made the effort so worthwhile. Why, Geek Son even said he wanted one so I asked him what color??? He answered, "Pink of course...with glitter!"
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Her smile is as warm as the bright sun on a summer day and sweetness is her orb. Just take a look at that face and tell me ya don't want to eat this child up. In 1958 Beverly Ross and Julius Dixon wrote " Sweeter than candy on a stick, huckleberry, chimry or lime" for their single 7" RCA record "Lollipop" sang by a female quartet. In viewin' the video I noticed a familiar face doin' the cheek-poppin' sound for the song. Yep, I was was a very young Andy Williams. After a little research I found the video was filmed during the Chordette's appearance on the Andy Williams Show. In my mind this song was written for Sarah Grace ' cause each and every time I lay my big browns on her I just want to belt out, " Lollipop lollipop , Oh lolli lolli lolli "Lollipop"................

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Cleanliness is next Godliness may not be found in the Good Book but this Ozark farm chick takes this old wives sayin' as bona fied gospel. It is after all it is my favorite day of the week! I sport affection, delight and passion toward Deep Clean Friday. Woohoo!!! I know, I'm obsessively twisted but clean makes me ecstatically blissful, it makes my toes curl. Yep, on Fridays ya can find me vacuum in one hand, toilet brush in the other, happier than a hungry tick on a bloodmobile. Creeks arisin' or wild~eyed stampedin' bovine is not gonna detour this demented chick from spotless mirrors and disinfected faucet screens. The floor glistens, toilet sparkles, furnace filters dustless, carpets fluffy makes everything perfect in my little corner of the world. These are the things that make me happy and ya'll know what happens if Mama ain't happy!

Let me take ya back in time. Just before my body blew out in shingles I received an email tellin' me that I had won this adorable Middleton Collectible Doll doesn't she look like a real livin' breathin' baby?

This precious little bundle of joy came from Oz Girl over at City Gal Moves to Oz Land who is the sweetest little city gal gone country givin' every reader a little old taste of her rural country life. Please, go pay her a visit, ya'll won't be disappointed! I have to tell you when this angelfaced dumplin' arrived I opened the box and just seein' the tiny baby wrapped snugly in plastic... well...I panicked! My endorphins surged while the survival instincts of a mama lion kicked in as I hastily ripped plastic wrap right and left freein' the helpless babe from total suffocation. I gently lifted her out of the box supporting her floppy little head into my warm safe maternal arms. She is weighted and feels just like a live baby and I swear as I move 'round a room.....her eyes follow me! Just sayin............
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The next giveaway I won was truly an unexpected surprise. Heck, I didn't even know I entered the darn thing. I just love The Suite life of Lucy and Ethel and am always flappin' my jaw over at their place. Guess I flapped at just the right moment and won a this wonderful novel ,"Not A Fire Exit" written by Christopher M. Finlan. Sweet Lucy also threw in her mama's ( JoAnn Derden)latest beautiful CD, The Story of Noah's Ark. JoAnn's musical interpretations are just amazin' and this is comin' from a chick who knows her tunes! The Suite is all about beating and finding a cure for SMA, Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Helen wrote a book called "The Jeffrey Journey" and how this devastating neuromuscular disease turned her world upside down givin' her precious baby boy his angel wings. Ethel's son , 'Kevin Dude' as I like to call him, just celebrated his birthday and is seventeen years old and is battlein' the effects of SMA. Please go pop over and wish handsome Kevin a happy birthday!!!

Then low and behold right after I returned from Texas I found out that I won a giveaway over at Just Between Me and You where you can meet The Grandmother with the Yellow Hair, Maggie. There you can read about her hilarious antics in law enforcement and if your not real careful you just might run into Mrs. Pearl. Now, if we aren't gonna have a heyday for breakfast 'round the old Ponderosa with all these goodies. Just look at this Pillsbury Grands Mini Biscuit Prize pack, isn't that just the bee's knees??? I have a VIP coupon for free biscuits, a $15.00 gift card for whatever this chick's little heart desires, a delightful biscuit basket, a cow salve (butter) dish and spreader. Just butter my buns and grab me a biscuit 'cause this sure puts me standin' here in high cotton!!!

That's not all folks, if ya order right now....oops...sorry, I got a little carried away. While trippin' to Texas I made an appearance at Grandma's Briefs. Yep, two places at once. I'm talented that way. I was grilled to a buttery golden brown, flipped every so gently and served up on a golden platter. This is a lovely little sight is where we rockin' grandmas can brag and maybe offer a bit of advice on the wonderful world of Grandmas. You can read my grillin' at Grandma Briefs and while your there give that beautiful Lisa a big old shout out. Tell her Nezzy sent ya!

Since I've been busier than a one armed paper hanger with jock itch, I thought I better be takin' care of business combinin' a hodgepodge of posts attempting some sort of catch up 'round here. "Ive been taking care of business every day, taking care of business every way", as goes the song written by Randy Bachman while he was still a member of The Guess Who. The BTO song "Taking Care Of Business" was featured on their 1973 album, Bachman-Turner Overdrive II. "I've been takin' care of business, it's all mine. Takin' Care of business workin' overtime," is how you'll find this spastic chick most days out here smack in the middle of the Missouri Ponderosa.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Jezebel was the name his new baby sister would sport. After all, we were all told the anticipated baby girl's name was in the Bible. Her mom and dad primed her older brother to have a suitable answer for those pryin' kinfolk who weren't beyond pumpin' the innocent young lad for info. She was the baby who came to her mother in a dream and was given the name before conception in that very dream. She is a true princess, a notable archduchess and delights us in livin' up to her royalness. She is my Mini-me a true reflection of my young self. The uncanny resemblance is not only in looks but actions, abilities and mannerisms. So much so it sometimes scares the bejeebers out of this Ozark farm chick.
Honor Elizabeth is a continual joy to our family. Her name even glorifies God. Honor meaning integrity and Elizabeth meaning God is my oath. She kept quiet about her salvation for almost a year not wanting to hurt her daddy's feelings 'cause she now had another Father, her second Daddy. The little aristocrat even shared her brand new 'real' ballet slippers with her little sis. Her heart is big and her imagination is massively bigger. "Mama, when will my Kitties hatch?", she asked with her tiny outstretched hand filled with a smooth oval rock her brother had placed there convincing her it was a kitten egg. Her mama tossed the ripe kitty egg into the backyard never to be seen again. That was 'till a white stray Mama cat appeared during an Ozark ice storm delighting our girl that her kitty egg had indeed hatched. The egg not only hatched but the miracle feline gave birth to four fluffy fur balls in their garage that winter. As her mama found the last fuzzy babe a suitable home Honor discovered another kitty egg. Not takin' any chances the 'kitty egg' was sent home with that last kitten.
Honor celebrated her seventh birthday last month. Her party just happened to fall on International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Now, if ya have never heard of this enthusiastically awaited yearly event ya don't know my adventurous Geek Son's family. They all dress up to the last eye patch and parrot. Yep, my grandsons have gone to church wearin' not only pirate garb but eyeliner! Pirate flags fly high on their house during this day and buccaneer signs are hung throughout. They have startled neighbors, delivery men and pets alike. Havin' a party on International Pirate Day kinda' cinches a birthday theme, don't ya think???
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Well, that's it in the bag. No wait, that's Honor in the bag as toothless as a hillbilly after his first bar fight. Isn't she simply precious??? Melts you heart doesn't she? "You are my princess, you make me smile~~You make my life seem worthwhile," sang Elton John on his 1982 studio album Jump Up which featured the song "Princess". Honor is a special young lady who loves the Lord with all her heart and is always kind and considerate of others. Just like Elton I can proudly shout and sing I love you Hon, 'cause you are my "Princess"!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Private Eyes

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We hide behind our pseudo fictitious names protecting our identity. We live in places called 'Tiny Town' smacked right in the middle of Nowhere, USA to secure our safety in undisclosed locations. We marry men who sport names like Hubby, Stud Muffin, Lumber Jack or Farm Boy. We have children called Geek Son and Social Butterfly and yet the thing we fear most as bloggers can happen. One day your readin' your comments and chills dart up and down your spine when someone gets a little too up close and personal. The anonymous word slinger who knows more than you have disclosed desiring to become more intimate than you ever imagined leaving you as wired as a freshly stretched barbed wire fence. Strange unexplained events begin to happen to both you and your followers.

This was the dilemma word smith blogger Paige McDonald found herself in after receiving such anonymous comments on her blog, "Blogging My Brains Out." Things escalated after attending a BlogHer conference in Chicago discovering that some of her bloggin' buddies had been violently murdered. Escalating the terror-stricken author's life is an ex-husband, a jealous dramatist sister, two daughters and her Mother. Toss in a suspicious detective and the FBI and ya got yourself a plot that would make ya turn all the lights in the house on, pull the covers over your head and cry "Mama!!!"

Teresa Moody has taken our fears and written a daunting novel that will unnerve your safety net next time a comment gets a little too personal leavin' ya'll as scared as the first fatted cow in line at a slaughter house. "Tess" is a person of letters and has thrown together several books since 2003. The latest just happens to be the one I won in her giveaway over at Six Feet Under called " Anonymous."

Tess is a urban Midwest wife, mother of three children plottin' on sendin' her to an early grave, a photographer and writer. Now I know where my "Super Nezzy" cape went! You can find your copy of "Anonymous" today at Amazon.Com. Get your copy, lock the door, grab a blankie and be prepared to sing that 1981 rock and roll~rhythm and blues tune from the sapphire eyed duo Hall and Oates, "Private Eyes." Beware fellow bloggers 'cause "private eyes are watching you, they see your every move!!!"

Friday, September 3, 2010


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Not really, although I did shoot the Grandkiddos. Yep, this Ozark farm chick doesn't have the whole clan together very often and was as giddy as a dressed up school girl on prom night receiving the complete cooperation of the whole clan to rip loose and start shootin'. So I grabbed my weapon at hand and commenced pointin' and shootin' yellin' out things like, "say pizza or booger-bite" 'cause I'm goofy like that. Hey, I'll do headstands to bask in the presence of those smiles!

Marian McQuade of West Virginia first suggested the idea of Grandparents Day to honor senior's contributions to our society. In 1973 Jennings Randolph introduced a resolution to Senate to declare the Sunday after Labor Day, National Grandparents Day. It wasn't 'till August 3, 1978 President Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation puttin' Grandparents Day on all our calendars. Like if ya have grandkiddos ya need a special day to go hog wild spoiling 'em.

This rockin' Grandma is as happy as a dead pig in the sunshine to introduce you to the whole coalition. We'll start in the back row with Zacharie who will be sixteen in December and thirteen year old Alexis next to him is holdin' year old Ian who is just jumpin' at the bits to pull Sarah's hair! That deep thinking thirteen year old Ethan is right behind the ten year old jokester, Joel. Sarah will be five next month is just too darn cute for her own britches is standin' beside her big sister Honor, this little princess will celebrate her seventh birthday this month. That last handsome dude is Mr. Jacob who is the big 'one-O' and is makin' like a fencepost to prop up his big bro. Whew, what a tribe!

September twelfth is National Grandparents Day and my heart is burstin' with love and pride. I have eight happy healthy very talented blessings to count. God has blessed me more than I could of ever dreamed. This rockin' Grandma 'Muzzy' can often be heard belting that oldie single Bob Marley and the Wailers made popular waaaaay back in 1973 , "I Shot the Sheriff" but this is one grams who will stick to just shootin' the grandkiddos!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Angelology is defined as the theological study of angels reflecting the descriptions in the Bible who are often depicted as winged supernatural creatures. The spiritual messengers can be found in the Hebrew Bible, New Testament and the Quran. Their job descriptions include protecting, guiding humans and carrying out God's tasks. A brush with some famous all-star angels might include Malachim, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Seraphim, Malach HaMavet, HaSatan, Chayot, Hakodesh or Ophanim HaMekavah. My angel encounter involves this bright eyed joy who is in my Sunday School Class and Kid's Church. Born January 11, 1999 this intelligent young tween is the one who always asks to devour my object lessons. What can I say??? The girl loves to eat! She has a deep relationship with the Lord and a broad compassion for others far beyond her years. Angel Dawn has been an irreplaceable helper to me 'round church doin' anything I ask of her without hesitation. She's as country as a baked bean sandwich and loves animals more than anyone this Ozark farm chick has ever met. Ya' can tell by the vast four legged menagerie she keeps around her at all times. This sweet eleven year old lassie is also fightin' the battle of her life!!!!
Angel awoke with a headache so intense that she was unable to attend Sunday services about seven weeks ago. Now this is one little gal who loves, loves, loves Kid's Church. I often begin Kid's Church with, "The best part of my week was....," Angel always answers, "Right!" That night she was taken to the nearest approved hospital who transported her to Barnes in St. Louis where they found a tumor at the base of her brain stem. A successful operation removed the tumor was sadly malignant. Yep, free spirited Angel was diagnosed with cancer. Those old 'C' cells were dividin' rapidly with their uncontrolled fury she was hit with a double barrel of radiation and chemotherapy. The surgery left her right side motor skills compromised and four weeks into treatment Angel had lost twenty pounds and her hair. Isn't she just a livin' doll in her new wig??? Ya'll gotta love that smile! My best friend and I wanted to bless her beyond the prayers we'd been bombardin' the heavens with so we piled in the car and spent a day in the Big City doin' a little Angel shoppin'. Big old Angel tears whelped up in us all as she read her card. I think she was just a little overwhelmed with all her goodies but her concern was for the other children who received no gifts. That's our Angel!!!
This is Long Tall Dave. He happens to be the Ringo Starr drummer of our Tiny Town who promised Miss Angel he would shave his head as slick as a cue ball when she lost her hair. An angel in his own right, Long Tall not only shaved his head, he gave Angel scissors to make the first cuts. Now, if that didn't make her happier than a woodpecker in a lumber yard!!! God bless ya Dave, your a brave man!
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We spent a special day in Kid's Church Sunday with our precious Angel just listening to her struggles and prayin' with this young lady of God. When asked to finish the statement, "The best part of my week was.....," she answered, "I only have ten more radiation treatments!" The wisdom of a child will always amaze me. The little cherub stated that she knew there was a reason God was allowing her to go through this battle but she also knew the He was right there with her to fight the fight. Look there...over her shoulder... can ya see Jesus watchin' over her? He has come to her in other ways, like the hospital worker who took time from this day off to take her to the most beautiful flower garden she'd ever seen! The nurse who told her that she had dimples 'cause that's where the angels had kissed her. The unknown stranger in a local restaurant who left the waitress at the register a hundred dollars just for Angel. I covet your prayers for a miracle in this little jewel's young life. Angel has charmed many just as that doo-wop foursome, the Halos, sang in 1961 with those "Pretty Little Angel Eyes!!!"

Our prayers are with you Angel

Monday, August 16, 2010


'God is forgiving' is the Hebrew definition of the name Ian. 'A happy blessing' is the interpretation Bible scholars give the Hebrew name Ashyr. All this Ozark farm chick knows is that I was happier than a gopher on diggin' day when he was born into our family. He makes my heart sing!!! Baby Ian blessed us with his arrival 7/8/2009 and has been a babblin' bright eyed bundle of joy ever since. The little guy celebrated the big number one last month with a grand party filled with cake presents and loads of love.
Of course this rockin' Grandma and Gramps had to get something every one year old needs...his first car! Yep, complete with a key which turns the motor (err-err), a cell phone that rings, a shifter that makes shiftin' sounds, a radio that plays his favorite tunes, a gas hole that glug-glugs and a horn that goes beep, beep, beep! Mr. "Lighting McQueen can be used as a push toy or driven as a car. Now, doesn't that just curl your toes?
This sweet talkin' boy took to this mix between a Corvette and Dodge Viper that has the characteristics of Steve McQueen and the voice of Owen Wilson like a duck to water on a hot summer day. Ian's sweet babblin' jibbers are becoming sweet, sweet words. When eatin', and let me tell ya'll...the kid loves to eat, he'll say "more peese and kank kou." It's just never too early to be polite. The little fella knows who butters his bread and bakes his biscuits. Why, just the other day he told his sweet mama while she was puttin' on her face, "mama pitty!" Learn young, don't they??? Heeehehehehe........
Yep, he's a toddlin' charmer who can down a bowl of strawberry short-cake faster than a bee stung stallion can move to the other side of the horse pen. God blessed us richly when he added this one to his creations and our hearts. He'll be wavin' bye-bye as that old 1958 novelty tune of the Playmates is playin ' on his car radio and you can hear him leaving 'cause his horn goes beep-"BEEP! BEEP!
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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Tall strong bamboo like stalks wavin' their green flag like leaves in the hot summer breeze tossin' back it's shiny pale yellow silks like
a perky cheerleader in a room full of thick-necked football players. The Indians called it maize, English speaking folks call it corn but this Ozark farm chick calls it 'roasteneers'. MMmmm, pass the butter baby!!! Our corn reached as high in the sky as a lovestruck giraffe during mating season. Then the choppin' crew moved in.
Corn is a grass that was domesticated by indigenous Mesoamerica people in prehistoric times. Around 1250 AD the whole dang continent was growin' the golden grain. By the fifteenth century traders and explorers took it back to Europe shoppin' with it just like cash. Ya'll think that would fly at the Tanger Mall in Branson??? Just sayin...........
The many varieties of corn range from Dent to Waxy and if ya'll will allow me to take on the character of Benjamin Buford "BUBBA" Blue from the movie Forrest Gump, I'll tell ya'll some of the multitudes of food we ingest made from corn. Stand goes....there is corn on the cob, sweet corn kernels, cornmeal, cream corn, cornbread, corn porridge, popcorn, corn polenta, corn mash, corn flakes, hominy, corn grits, corn alcohol, corn pudding, corn salsa, corn chips, corn oil, corn starch and corn syrup........whew, I'm breathless and this chick has the lung capacity of a hot air balloon.

Several other uses that are not for human consumption are silage (used to feed livestock), dog and cat food, fish bait, plastics, fabrics, adhesives, herbal supplements and bio-fuels.

America will harvest 332 million metric tons of corn this year. We harvested 671 tons of processed silage packed down and covered in plastic to 'cook'. Makes for some mighty good eatin' for the cattle. It was hotter than tarnation during harvest and this chick cooked for the Strongbacks (crew) and helped hubby cover the swelterin' steaming pile with plastic. Did I ever mention that farmin' is hard work??? Yep, there I was sweatin' like a tall glass of ice tea on a humid day crawlin' up and over dragging massive sheets of plastic beltin out' that old 1840's song that was later recorded by Burl Ives, "JIMMY CRACK CORN!!!"
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