Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ONE..... (Two Giveaway winners)

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Would ya'll look who I forgot! Isn't she a single sweetie? Yup, after I made that long, long slideshow of my collection of bunnies I left out one lonely little wide eared floppy legged bunny. I'm not sure this Ozark Farm Chick agrees with the song that bears the title of this post. "One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do" is the first line of the song that Harry Nilsson wrote and recorded.

I kinda like one. One is a good strong number. It stands alone firm and tall. When ya think about it, it only takes one to be happy and enjoy a beautiful day. It takes one to flash a smile to a lonely stranger or indulge in a decadent piece of chocolate. (Mmmm. I'm droolin' like a teethin' four month baby here.) One can read, exercise, snap the perfect photo or paint a masterpiece. This chick can enjoy aromatic flower gardens, relish a good book or belt out a great tune without the help of another livin soul. Heaven knows I'm the only one 'round the Ponderosa deep cleanin' and I sure don't require any help enjoyin' a scented bubble bath. There needs be only one to be creative, write a story or make a difference. Most important of all, it take only one to worship and praise God. Yep, one is a perfect number!
The second line of this song says, "two can be as bad as one, it's the loneliest number since the number one." Wrong! I'm not even gonna go there...wouldn't be prudent but two is a very lucky number for me 'cause I have two fabulous Happy Easter winners. Yep, usin' Random Generator, Miss Tracy over at My Thoughtful Spot and Miss Deb at Smith Family Cookbook each won a $25.00 gift certificate over at The Rusted Chain for a wonderful piece of jewelry! Woohoo!!! Don't that just make your toes curl? Thank you Beki for your generosity. Congratulations to both Tracy and Deb, please enjoy your new baubles. Hop on over, pat 'em on the back, say howdy and tell 'em Nezzy sent ya. If ya haven't check out The Rusted Chain...go... do it now...your in for a treat better than cold chocolate ice cream on a warm summer day!

I'm not so sure that Mr Nilsson knew what he was talkin' about when he wrote 'One' but the world truly loved it when the rock group Three Dog Night snagged it and cut a single in 1969. 'One' soared like a hawk after one of my songbirds to #5 on the Billboards Hot 100. Nope, this chick doesn't believe that one is the loneliest number nor do I buy that two can be as bad as one 'cause I adore bein' hitched. I'm one gal, one child of God and one farm chick who simply loves bein' "One"!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Parade (Woohoo Giveaway)

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The Easter Bunny was born or hatched (that one is still kinda bogglin' the greatest scientific minds) in southwest Germany. Often refereed to as the Easter Hare, he was recorded in written publication durin' the 1500's. This Ozark Farm Chick is quite smitten with the chocolate version. MMMMmmm, my tummies rumblin' and the thighs are quiverin' just thinkin' about the savory little fella. The first edible Easter eggs were developed in Germany during the early 19th century concocted with pastry and sugar. The notion of the delightful Spring Bunny was introduced to the United States by German Pennsylvania Dutch settlers. Although the Chocolate Easter Bunnies are my favorite this chick also collects her fair share of the adorable cottontails. Yep, tucked here, yonder and there, ya'll can find a bunny hidden 'round almost every corner here on the Ponderosa. They make my heart flip! Aren't they the cutest???

To celebrate Love, Spring and Easter that sweet Beki over at The Rusted Chain is offerin' two of you faithful readers a $25.00 gift certificate to her beautiful online store. Now, doesn't that make you skirt fly all the way up? Shoot, she's even makin' me a beautiful personalized necklace for hostin' this great giveaway. Woohoo!!! Her most original and unique handcrafted jewelry has been featured in various magazines, advertisements, upscale boutiques and has been spotted on the sets of shows like Law and Order Criminal Intent. The Rusted Chain features Beki's Christian themed and custom baubles that ya'll can even add a personal touches to. Her Designs are a mix of rustic elegance for today's fashionista's. Beki's a farm chick herself who lives with her hubby and three beautiful youngens in an old farmhouse. Ya'll can also visit her on her on The Rusted Chain Blog where she shares the love of God, her beautiful photography and a little piece of her world. Please go visit both Beki's store and blog. Ya'll be happier than a starvin' buzzard with sun-baked road kill!!!
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The love that God has for his children just blows my mind all to thunder. The fact that he loved us all, no matter our faults or failures, so unconditionally that He sacrificed His only Son to die a most horrific death for us. Wow!!! That makes me high as country air! Easter is a special time for all mankind. Some celebrate by participating in festivities like an Easter Parade. This popular melody was written by Irving Berlin in 1917 where he later added words and published the song in 1933. Bing Crosby sang it in the 1942 film Holiday Inn. I want ya'll to enter my Easter Giveaway simply by leavin' a comment to celebrate Easter. Then ya'll can go put on your new fancy dresses, frilly bonnets, shinny new shoes and some new beautiful jewelry by Beki and head out to the "Easter Parade"!!!

Happy Easter and the best of luck to ya'll!

Monday, April 11, 2011


My dear Granny Walden used to say, "girl...if it has testicles or wheels watch out 'cause it's gonna give ya a whole heap of trouble." This is the same wise woman who told me when she found out I was about to marry a dairy farmer, " you walk into that milk barn and act like ya never seen a cow before, child, 'cause if ya start milkin' you'll be the one stuck with it 'till the day the good Lord takes ya home." I decided my Granny was one smart cookie so I obeyed and never ever milked the cows but let me tell ya'll I've done 'bout every thing else up and down these Ozark hills and hollers that would boggle a three year old's most vivid imagination. We farm wives learn to read our men but I've never ever made it a secret that my favorite sayin' 'round here is, "ya want me to do what???"

In plannin' our fairytale life this Ozark Farm Chick didn't include visions of rakin' hay, drivin' loaded semi's outta swampy mud of the silage pit or pullin' said semi' outta that pit backwards with the big blue tractor. Nor anywhere in our weddin' vows did I say," I promise to stand at corrals covered in sweat, manure and the dust that the wild~eyed cattle stir up to fill vaccination syringes, hand knives for castration, pass dehorners to lop of horns, hold straws to inseminate cows and still have a good meal on at noon for the hungry Strongbacks (farm hands) all while singin', I Am Woman." I am as ya know... (super) Nezzy! Durin' the thirty eight years of wedded bliss to the man of my dreams, I've learned a thing or two about our dog huggin' critter lovin' rural farm fellas.

They can remember the purchase price of the old cow that bit the dust ten years ago, the fertilizer rate five years ago, the seed population from last year, the current cattle market average and crop yield rates but cannot remember the gallon of milk you need without a written note and five reminder calls durin' the day. I've learned that these fine gents will never ever throw out one of those plastic five gallon buckets or any rusty bolt and piece of scrap metal that they may just need someday. We farm chicks know that our men may know nothin' about fashion but they all have a special cap they wear to work, one especially for the local livestock barn, one just for a farm auction, another to plow in and the 'good' one that's put back for that rare vacation.

I would never ever ask my Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love for the use of his pocket knife 'cause we farm wives know that same knife has been used to castrate newborn calves, scrape the manure off nasty barn boots and peel an apple for the hungry man's afternoon snack. I've always had a theory all farm fathers teach their sons to run over their wife's favorite flowers or tiny strugglin' tree so that 'she' will never ever 'let' ya mow the yard again!!!' I can hear 'em sayin' , "ya only have to do it once!" Sure worked that way here on the Ponderosa.

There are just a few items we ever lovin' farm spouses would like for our honeys to know about us. A good farm wife can throw a meal together in two minutes and serve that meal six hours later if necessary. We are as comfortable operating large farm equipment as our guys would be in a barbed wire jock strap. Just sayin'! We don't view a trip out the the workin' pens on a Saturday night to sort cattle by flashlight as a night out. A trip to Bass Pro is not considered the perfect date night. We truly aren't convinced a deer head or a dead varnished fish adds ambiance of our home's decor. We farm chicks love our fellas more than chocolate cake heaped with fudge icin' and we'll do anything for 'em.

Hubs took this picture on the way to Jefferson City last summer. Yes Virginia, there is really an annual Testicle Festival. "Walk Like a Man was the song The Four Seasons recorded under some extraordinary circumstances. March 2, 1963 the voices of lead singer Frankie Vaili and the bass tones of Nick Massi echoed in the recording studio of the Abbey Victoria Hotel which caught fire durnin' the session. The group locked the door and refused to leave before the song that remained at the top of the charts for three weeks was completed. Gotta be a man thing! It wasn't until the firemen broke through with their mighty axes that the group left the building with their hit song in hand determined as a farmer gatherin' their last stray into the herd. I'm thrilled I married my farm fella and wouldn't have it any other way. These country men sure know how to love a gal as we gush and swoon while watchin' 'em "Walk Like A Man!!!"

Whew, fan me now baby!
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