Monday, May 17, 2010


It's not everyday ya get a two-fer in a great giveaway but this Ozark farm chick sure knows how to rub the old magic lantern. Now, even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then but this lucky rockin' grandma found the whole dang bushel. Sweet Michelle over at ladyswordandtherose gifted me with this charmin' little summer dress. Michelle is a wife and mommy of three beautiful children. She has an enthralling christian blog about a vast array of life's battles. Don't ya know we all have a few of those smackin' us in the face just trying to tatter our joy? Please, go take a gander, I promise she won't let ya'll down. Thank you Michelle, I'm just beamin' with delight and tickled pink over this darlin' little dress!
Her sweet Royal Highness Princess Mary Poppins' in her dress~up weddin' dress just happens to be just the perfect size to step into the cute summer frock this year. Why her ladyship will be the belle of her Sunday School class. When her royal self outgrows it..................
.............the little twinkle toes of this chubby cheeked Royal Princess Toadstool (Mario Brothers), will step right into this fashionable attire and be the best dressed chicklett of any high pitched squeelin' little girls birthday party.

Yep, I'm as high as country air and happy as a puppy in fresh cut grass. I have been blessed. This is one lucky lady who's been running 'round the old Ponderosa all day beltin out Frank Sinatra's 1965 signature song, "Luck be a Lady!!!"
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

QUE SERA SERA (Whatever Will Be Will Be)

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She can be as delicate as the soft crepe petals on a lovely jeweled Poppy gently swayin' in a soothing breeze or as ferocious as an irritated badger on it's last nerve when it comes to protecting the spawn of her loins. This child-bearer was present at your debut counting all your wiggly chubby pink digits and memorizing every cell of your being. She commands respect simply by walking into a room while indulging and promoting your sometimes ridiculous creativity. This forbearer obtains the capability to make you feel loved despite the most disastrous circumstances. Webster defines a mother as a female parent but this Ozark farm chick knows a mother is so much more!

This song from Alfred Hitchcock's 1956 film "The Man Who Knew Too Much" staring Doris Day and James Stewart becoming sweet Doris' signature tune often filled our home. Mama could be heard singin', "When I was just a little girl I asked my mother, what will I be?" God blessed this chick richly with a special Mom. She cradled and nurtured me when I was ill takin' any pain away with her tender kisses. The woman changed many dirty diapers taggin' me "Stinky Britches!" She would humor me as she sat an extra plate on the table for my imaginary girlfriend and softly smiled when I insisted that she button John's bright red coat. ( Yep, John was a girl, I'm twisted like that!) She is the one that came to my rescue when I had to see if you could really get your toe stuck in the bathtub faucet just like Mary Richards on the Dick Van Dyke Show or the time as a tween I pulled the top drawer from the dresser to smell the sachet I'd placed in my underwear drawer below and got my head stuck. Let me tell ya'll Mama had the patience of a saint 'cause with my curiosity and imagination this little farm chicklett was a handful. She is also the woman who made me want to dig a hole and pull it in behind me never to see the light of day again my Junior year when she innocently walked up behind in front on a group of friends and casually asked, "are you ready to go Stinky Britches???"

"When I have children of my own they ask their mother, what will I be? Will I be handsome, will I be rich? I tell them tenderly...", I can still hear Mom singin' these words. Her face gleamed with joy as she sang to her first grandbaby. Mom was right there to watch over and help ride herd on this little guy. She was the first on the spot to help out when our perfect baby girl was born with an imperfect heart. I was torn between my three year old fella and my sick baby girl who took round the clock care when Mama jumped in to lessen my load. She cheered with a tear in her eye and a song in her heart as both children graduated, married and blessed her with beautiful Great-grandkids. Yep, just as Mama sang, "Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be...the future's not ours, to see..que sera, sera", once again Mama was right.

The picture above is filled with Mothers. Mothers who are bountifully more than just female parents. I see Great-Granny Moon who loved and lived life well over a hundred. I was around ten years old when I was privileged to witness the bonfire of a hundred birthday candles blazin' on her cake. She blew them out herself. My Grandmother Dow who I called "Ma" was just an amazing woman who lost her husband at the age of forty-five and maintained the most positive attitude I've ever known. My own precious Mother who will celebrate her eighty first birthday in August. Me??? Why I'm the skinny little thing with her mouth wide open, no doubt beltin' out a tune just like Doris Day's "Que Sera Sera!"

Thanks Mom....I love you!!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY
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