Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yesterday was the perfect beautiful spring Ozark day. The sun was warming the calls of the birds whose songs had that mate attracting tone to them. My 38 rose bushes have put forth tiny new leaves pushing from their canes. The perennials have burst forth from the earth adorning her with hundreds of crowns casting green visions of warm weather. Yes, you read this correctly, I said hundreds....this is due to my COFD. (Compulsive Obsessive Flower Disorder) This beautiful day was given to us to bask in and enjoy to the depths of our bare little toes. I put on the summer tee, shorts and flip-flops and began to doing just that. Pushing aside the weather report and forgetting for just a few hours it is not really spring.

Our local forecast was calling for 75-80 degrees with approaching storms consisting of damaging winds, hail, heavy downpours and possible tornado activity. Following the storm would be a severe temperature drop of 40 degrees in about four hours. OUCH!!! Knowing this is probably an accurate prediction of our forecast I deemed it time to prepare for the upcoming event. So here I am in my cute summer tee, bouncing ponytail, shorts and flippies carrying in firewood for the approaching cold front. As I am working as diligently as a colony of ants, I have beads of dew building up on my forehead. Thinking here I am in shorts, sweating like crazy and carrying firewood...what is wrong with this picture?

Like a fine tuned prophet the storm moved in laced with rain, thunder and furious straight line winds dropping the mercury like a rock from a high rise. After filling the fireplace last night the thermometer read 29 degrees as I trotted off to my heated water bed.

I arose at 5:00 am to a 17 degree day, soooo not yesterday! I pulled the sweatshirt, long leggings and socks out to snuggle in today. I put away the shorts, summer tee and flip-flops. But not too far away, for I know as the warm comforting chili simmers on the the burner today, like a flash another spring day will arrive.

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