Saturday, May 7, 2011


Prettier than a spotted heifer in a pansy patch , she could charm the dew right off the roses with her bright smile. Christy Brinkley certainly had nothin' on Mama 'cause she was definitely an Uptown Girl all the way. Yep, she was about as country as the Macy's Day Parade or the last curtain call at a Broadway show.

She was accustomed to fancy dresses, high heals and Sunday's hats with white gloves. She was oblivious to toilets flushin' and fresh water flowin' from the kitchen faucet. A bath was enjoyed effortlessly as was the food purchased from the corner market. Mom was footloose and fancy free enjoyin' the company of great friends and livin' the single life. (Mom's on the left) That was until she fell like a rock for a solider boy who was stationed at Sandia Base in Albuquerque who was as country as cornbread. They married living there 'till Dad was discharged from the army. Now ya'll know ya can take the boy outta the country but ya can't take the country outta the boy so they were off to Missouri faster that a hungry roadrunner can snatch a lizard!

This was Mom's either fish or cut bait moment. Through sheer determination and a bit of stubbornness she seemed to adapt faster than green grass through a goose. Suddenly goin' for a swim on a hot summer day included a stock tank or a nearby pond. A leaky barn roof always took priority over the leaky house roof. Her shoppin' list not only included groceries but items like fuel filters, tires, overalls or spark plugs. The hair on the back of Mama's neck would stand at attention when Dad would say, "could ya come and help me a few minutes." She knew that she'd be returnin' a few hours later doin' only Lord knows what.

Movin' a city slicker to the country is almost like teachin' a pig to's a waste of your time and it irritates the pig but this gentlewoman did it with grace and style. She learned the language of her new found Hillbillyland. The words my Granny Walden spoke like put it in the 'safe' (cabinet) or I've got to go to the closet (outhouse). Yep, Mama watched her Mother~In~Law leave the house and walk around the bushes goin' to the 'closet'. It was a world they might relax on the 'davenport' (sofa) and if there was a chill in the air, cover up with a countypin (quilt).

Mama learn to handle critters she'd never seen before with ease and that lookin' at the ingredients for a supper recipe just might remind her to do her chores. Talk about Venus and Mars, this Farm Chick can't imagine the culture shock my Mother endured in the city to country transformation but she thrived and soon became a mother herself givin' all she had to her new baby daughter!

Here's this Ozark Farm Chick supported by the arms of the most important woman in my world, my Mother. This child bearer was an encourager and a prime mover in my life. She nourished me both physically and emotionally. She pampered me, kissed my boo~boos all while bein' my biggest motivator. She taught me humor and how important it is to laugh at myself. Most important of all, she taught me how to be a mother and a grandmother. I'm blessed with an amazin' role model I feel privileged to call Mom! Now, I'd be lyin' like a no legged dog if I said that the city didn't come out every now and again 'cause she dressed me like this.......

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I'd be as baffled as Adam on Mother's Day without my precious Mother. She has grounded and centered me teachin' me both love and grace. I want to offer this song written by Babyface, sang by Boyz II Men and produced by Motown Records November 11, 1997, "A Song For Mama", to my sweet beautiful Mama on this Mother's Day. 'Love ya Mom!
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