Monday, March 9, 2009


Approximately a year and a half ago my husband was in search for a working outboard motor for his bass boat. He located one on eBay that met all of his specifications and proceeded to bid on the dream of having this 90 horsepower monster propelling his boat around the lake. After spending some time and moo la he announced , "I won it on eBay!!!!" ( as wives we understand that-cha-ching$$$) The motor arrived and was installed on the boat by people who specialize in such things along with other little fixes and tweaks.(more cha-ching$$) Finally, the boat was ready for a summer of fun fishing. Due to many planned and unplanned events the boat did not see water last summer. Things like my MIL severely burning a hand while catching her house on fire. Said Mil's foot surgery, a remodel on a bedroom and bath, the list goes on. This year would be different. I arose this very windy Saturday morning to put on my make up, which my husband knows I must do before I go fishing , ate breakfast and headed to the lake for a fun filled day of fishing. Tied to the dock my hubby had some difficulty starting the motor and took the cover off it to do something manually while I drove the boat. Well the thing died. We went through the same process repeatedly getting further away from the landing . There was a point I mentioned the thing was smoking and my hubby said, "no worries just a little too much oil." Then came the strong stench of something hot, which only got worse. The water pump was out. We were sitting on the lake stranded with only two paddles to get us from point A to point B. Working madly against the wind we were getting nowhere fast. I began looking for that good Samaritan but sadly boat after boat just went around us. Just as I was about to give up all hope a nice fellow and his grandson stopped and asked if we could use a tow. YES! At this point I was a very happy camper. We tied onto the generous fellas boat as his motor started his steering cable broke. Now there we sat on the lake stranded now tied to another boat that was dead in the water. Believe it or not another good Samaritan did come along asking if we had a problem. Well dah, wasn't it obvious??? This gent tied his boat to the boat we were latched to and began towing all of us back to the dock. The boat parade had begun. We were gaining spectators at this point. My thought here was every parade needs a queen and who better than I? I began waving my best window washing wave to everyone watching and taking pictures on their cells. Good thing I applied the make-up because who would have thought when we left the house Saturday I would be queen of my own parade. All because hubby won on eBay.


  1. good morning, inez! good to see you're blogging and if you need to clean something today feel free to stop by my house. :)

  2. Because you force me to leave a comment here (no email listed on your site), I'll have to share this publically. Thanks for sending the link to this wonderful post; it's hilarious. The part that made me laugh out loud, though, was this...

    "Tied to the dock my hubby had some difficulty starting the motor" Because I love you and you know it, and because you are a brilliant writer, I know you can take this little jab--I had to laugh, picturing your husband tied to the dock! Of COURSE he had trouble starting the motor! haha Wish I could call you, because I need to know how you'd like me to re-word this! :)


Yippie Tie Yie Yay, I'm so glad you popped in. I adore, cherish and covet your comments. Even though I love seein' my name in lights I am an award free blog. Thanks for visitin' ya'll!

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