Monday, January 24, 2011


The road is long, eleven hundred and forty-five miles down and eleven hundred and forty-five miles back. There are times the miles seem to crawl by slower than a slimy snail drunk on molasses crawlin' up an ice hill in January. I knew the trip would be a difficult one but this Ozark Farm Chick had no clue how stressful it would be. We have traveled this road many times before but this time the trip to Brownsville, Texas was for my Daddy's memorial service. It would be the last goodbye and a time for closure.
I was lookin' forward to leavin' the frigid temperatures behind but dang, if we didn't hit ice in Temple, Texas and the the temps in Brownsville were colder than a bankers heart on foreclosure day at the widow's and orphan's home. I didn't expect the shingles to come along and play tag over the Grand Tetons on the second day of the trip. I'd rather jump barefoot off a six foot ladder into a five gallon bucket full of porcupines than to speak in front of a room full of adults but Mom requested me to offer up a tribute for my Daddy . Yep, I sucked it up, swallowed my fear, shoved down my emotions and presented it just for my sweet Mama. I had this Norman Rockwell vision of family time togetherness but the days were full and crazier than a run over dog. I have to praise my children for jumpin' in to do whatever it took to support my Mama and contribute to the beautiful service.
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Dad himself was a giver and would of been so proud of the generations he helped to create. He sure was delighted to be a grandpa himself to my two in the photo above. Dad was there to pick me up when I fell. He's the one who always made sure I had 'enough' money. He's the one who brought a truck filled with ten bred heifers to help stock the Ponderosa. The one to put Geek Son in his first saddle. The man who told me with conviction that Social Butterfly would survive her heart surgeries and grow up someday to make me a grandmother. What can I say? The man knew his stuff!!! I just pray that I can offer love and support to my family in a way that would make my Daddy's eyes light up and plant that big old ear to ear grin of his face.

Dad was honored with a twenty-one gun salute and the most beautiful flag ceremony I have ever witnessed. A slide show of Dad's life was presented throughout the service. The family released red, white, and blue star balloons were soared into the heavens and a wonderful meal was shared with dear friends and family. Just like our journey, life is like a long and winding road. This was one of the last Beatles song that Paul McCartney wrote back in 1969. Paul actually had Ray Charles in mind as he wrote the words but the road didn't go there. Just as I am elated to be back home, I know in my heart my Daddy is too, 'cause he too has traveled "The Long And Winding Road."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The Ozark skies were grayin' and there was a crisp wet feel in the air that confirmed a dreaded Missouri ice storm was headed our way. It was January fifth nineteen hundred and seventy three. This Ozark Farm Chick could be heard beltin' out the song, "I'm gettin' married in the mornin'! Ding dong! The bells are gonna chime....", from Mama's little country kitchen as I prepared the rehearsal dinner. The circumstances were definitely not desirable for the perfect dream weddin'. Mother Nature had blessed us with a most horrific ice storm as a wedding present, the wrong flowers were delivered to me and mine were a guest at another weddin', the photographer did not show...Heck, he didn't even bother to call. The handsome little ring bearer ran across my train and ripped it from my dress. Just a typical hitchin'...right??

Well this is one gal who wasn't gonna let a few mind blowin' disasters keep her from marrin' the man of her dreams. I AM Nezzy ya know!!! The Best Man drove all night and delivered the groom's parents and grandmother. Even though they were sittin' in different towns the flowers were switched, just in time. Who needs a professional photographer when ya have a future sister~in~law with a trusty brownie flash camera willing to snap away??? Oh my goodness glory, thank heavens for the extra diaper pins we discovered in the church's nursery to pin the train back on my dress. Despite the horrific circumstances we said our, "I~dos'!

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Thirty eight years ago I sang the song that Alfred P. Doolittle sang in the 1956 musical "My Fair Lady" as I cooked and listened to my Grandmother Dow (Ma) gigglin' at me in the background. Thirty eight years ago on January sixth I married the man on my dreams after beltin' out that old show-tune song...."Get Me To The Church On Time!!!"

.........and they moved to the Ponderosa and lived happily ever after! I just love a happy ending.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You've Got a Friend

The tendency to strongly desire the best for one another could depict friendship. Some characteristics of a good buddy might be showin' sympathy and empathy. Ya'll want your friend to be honest, understandin' and compassionate. I don't know 'bout you but I want to trust my friend and receive emotional support. I'm not askin' too much here, am I? Friendship is completely a give and take relationship. The Good Book says in Proverbs 18:24 that , "A man that hath friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. We all have access to Jesus...the perfect eternal friend but baby we're mortal and need those great flesh and blood friends too. In that category this very blessed Ozark gal has had some chummy bosom chums. Yep, we're tight like a wet swimsuit two sizes too small on a long ride home from the lake.

When I was just a young chicklet I had the best girlfriend a gal could ever hope for. (That's me next to my little dog Tiny.) Why, we were as tight as pages in a big old book and as happy as a dog with two tails. We met in the first grade 'cause back in the day we didn't have kindergarten. We traveled through elementary school, high school and college together. Where you'd see one you were gonna see the other. Yep, we hung together like long hair in a biscuit. Folks, could I tell ya'll some stories! When we married, we were Maid of Honor in each others weddings but years and miles have separated us in body but not the bond of friendship we share.
I met my grown-up best friend at Church. Not that she replaced my childhood friend at all but it's just a different kinda friendship. She is a sweet spirited gal who loves the Lord with all her heart and my adult years has been better 'cause she has touched my life in only the way a great friend can. I always know my secrets are as safe as a tick on a stiff necked dog with her and I can count on her for absolutely anything. She is my cohort, companion and confidaunt who just makes me as happy as a lone rooster in the hen house!!!
While makin' the long trip back from Brownsville Texas last October, I was about as low as a gal could get. Knowin' that I would never see my Daddy again and bein' so far away from my family, it was the toughest trip I've ever made. Under the best circumstances, it is a difficult drive. The one way the journey is 1145 miles long. We had spent the night in Arkansas where I know my good old bloggin' buddy lived. I knew she lived in Tiny Town and that she worked at the Post Office. We got up the next mornin' and I asked Hubby if we by any chance traveled through Tiny Town and he said, "no...but we could."After travelin' up a mountain on the windin' roads where ya saw the road below had me shakin' like a scared cat in a dog pound, we reached the Post Office of Tiny Town where I requested Gail. "She don't work here,"...."She works over in Teeny Town." My Hubs bein' the hunka hunka burnin' love he is drove me to Teeny Town as exhausted as we were to meet my beautiful bloggin' buddy. It was a delight and the highlight a very difficult trip. I took one look at her and she took one fearful look at me. ( Ya, see....she thought I was a postal inspector....heeehehehe!) I told her to ," get out here and give me a hug!" She did and we hugged and talked and hugged and laughed and did I mention we hugged??? Pop over and meet the sweetest gal, Gail...."At the Farm."
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Look at this!!! I won the lottery over at Teresa's at "Grammy Girlfriend". She also has been a great bloggin' friend who is a big believer in sendin' real cards by real mail. Just look at this lovely box, it was chucked full as Pappy's belly after Thanksgivin' Dinner. Not only was it filled with beautifully assorted cards there was a gorgeous ceramic 'laugh' hanger. She included a book, "Your Late Again Lord", the impatient guide to God's timing. How'd she know.....I want everything YESTERDAY? There were winter envelopes with snowmen on 'em. Just happens I collect the little cold hearted fellas. A 'Cooking Light' magazine with recipe makeovers for a healthier me and a 'All You' magazine filled with $24.00 worth of coupons. I clip 'em...I'm just that kinda chick! If that wasn't enough there was a beautiful John Rossini "Life Itself" calendar that I can slip in my purse. I keep my life in these things and this one is already filled out and ready to go. How did she know??? Thank you Teresa my friend. Please hop over and wish her a great New Year, the last year really threw her some life challenges.

Yep, this chick is as wild as a peach orchard hog about the many great friends I have been blessed with. In 1971 Carol King wrote a song that won the Grammy Awards both for Best Pop Mail Vocal Performance and Song of the year. Jame Taylor sang the song and Warner Brothers produced it on a little seven inch vinyl. Remember those??? The song ,"You've Got a Friend", has been popular throughout the ages with lyrics like "when your down and troubled and you need a helping hand." I just want my friends to know that in this new year of ours that no matter what, no matter where, "You've Got a Friend!!!"

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