Monday, March 28, 2011


This is one chick who doesn't own a four~leaf clover, wear a penny in my shoe, lug around a horseshoe in my purse, dangle a rabbit's foot from my neck yet I feel as lucky as the proverbial fat cow who wouldn't fit in the cattle trailer to the slaughter house who got turned out to pasture in high grass!!! Woohoo!!!
Back a spell I won Pioneer Woman's new book, "Black Hills and Tractor Wheels" over at that sweet Teresa's place, Grammy Girlfriend! Now, if that don't crank your tractor ya must not be breathin'!!! Let me tell ya'll this is one book I can identify with! Teresa is one terrific gal who adores sharin' her love of God with others and is as about as proud as a Grammy can get when it comes to her adorable grandkiddos. Her blog oozes the love she shares with family,friends and fellow bloggers. She also has a wonderful Christmas blog A Baby Changes Everything. Life has been tougher than a two~dollar steak for her this past year so please, go pay her a visit, sit a spell...take your shoes off!
I have to tell ya'll the blender I've been usin' was ancient and about as useless as a Popsicle stick in quicksand! Tammy over at Flat Creek Farm gave me the great opportunity to enter her CSN Store giveaway for a fifty~dollar gift code. I'd already set my mind I was gonna buy a blender if I won. Imagine my delight when my Missouri Christian sister contacted me that I'd won but wait gets better. I hopped over to the CSN site to use my gift code and found a Cuisinart blender originally priced $110.00. This Ozark gal usually gets the standard Osterizer blender at Wally~World but this dream was marked down 46% makin' it $59.85. Well, call my mama 'cause this was somethin' I could do and the blender even qualified for free shippin'. Does life get any better? I entered my $50.00 code payin' out of pocket only $9.85 for my beautiful $110.00 Cuisinart that I love more than a chubby farm boy loves cake. Talk about squeezin' a quarter so tight the eagle screams!

Please go visit beautiful Tammy over at Flat Creek Farms where you'll find all kinds of rural things like rooster saddles (now there's two word I never thought I'd use together) and some of the cutest little mini~donkey's you've ever laid eyes on!
I've heard it said, "keep Nezzy away from the magic markers...she's dangerous!!!" Yep, I love to draw, doodle and have a colorful blast, it's just the way I fly. I was doin' quite the happy dance here on the Ponderosa when Kimberly over at Forever Daisies notified me that I'd won her Sharpie and Sticky Note giveaway. Yippee tie yie yay, if that's not just finer than frog hair split four ways! Ya'll know gal can never have too many Sticky Notes or Sharpies so I'm in Doodle Heaven! Kimberly is a precious small town girl who'll do just about anything to get that perfect photo. Wonder if she gives lessons? Her creativity flows through her lovely blog and when it comes to flowers she's just a daisy kinda gal. Stop by over at Forever Daisies and meet Kimberly.

Yep, this is one gal who doesn't need a good luck charm to be blessed. Oct 15th, 1961 Elvis Aaron Presley recorded one lucky pop song that reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and remained number one for two weeks. Born in Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis didn't need a good luck charm either 'cause everything he touched turned to gold but just as The King sang this fine tune ya can hear this Ozark Farm Chick beltin' out that great old sixties hit "Good Luck Charm!!!"

Friday, March 18, 2011


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I make no bones that I think winter is about as useful as a rubber crutch. This Ozark Farm Chick is a summertime gal. I thrive in my biker shorts, cute little tees and flippies. I adore workin' my acre of flower gardens and afternoon dips in my swimmin' pool. Ya know, the things dreams are made of. This winter has been colder than a cast iron commode on the shady side of an iceberg and I have not hidden the fact that 'Nezzy' has not been a happy camper. With that said, of all things I could collect... I collect snowmen!!! I know, that makes me about a crazy as a sprayed roach but I love the little cold~hearted fellas. You will fine 'em nestled into every nook and corner of the Ponderosa's homestead from the edge of Autumn through the early stages of Spring.

Woohoo!!! It's Deep Clean Friday and I've been busier than a set of jumper cables at a Redneck picnic. Yep, faucets sparkle, furnace filters cleaned, floors shine and the dust mites are gaspin' for air. Ya'll know how clean rocks my world but as I was cleanin' I had little eyes givin' me cold hard stares. I'm thinkin' might be time to put my crystal gents with the carrot noses away, Spring bein' Sunday and all. Ponderin' on how each and every snowflake is as unique and individual as God made us, I carefully wrapped each snowman to be packed away. In doin' so I noticed that some of my snowmen have yellowed over the years while others are still pure white. Yellowed kinda like us when we allow sin into our lives. Psalm 51:7 says "Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow." Now, I can't take the aromatic plant hyssop used to clean in ancient days to wash away my sins but this plant was also used in religious rituals in comparison to the blood of Christ. That's somethin' this chick can wrap her brain around! Now, if that don't put the pepper in the Gumbo!!!

Ya'll know that goin' to church doesn't make ya a Christian anymore than standin' in a garage makes ya a car. Far to often we are yellowed with unkindness we show others instead of reflectin' love of Jesus. Our hearts can become as stinkin' cold as the little snowmen I just packed away. Spring is upon us, a time of rebirth and new beginnings. I don't want to be like the 1977 British~American band Foreigner who sang "Cold as Ice" on their Billboard Hot 100 list record. As the warm rays of the sun melts winter's remnants from the earth, I yearn for The Son to warm my soul allowin' me radiate the warmth of His precious love. I want to be a servant, a warm lovin' child of God. I want it to never be said of me that "she was...Cold as Ice!!!"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The molecular formula is C12H22O11 for this edible crystalline carbohydrate commonly known as 'table sugar' . Scientifically the word sucrose or "sugar" is used for any mono or di-saccharide. Realeasin' a whoppin' 1,619 KJ's of energy, this sweet treat when added to food is called sucrose. Hosting 99.98% pure delicious carbs when found naturally is called fructose. Whatever form ya milk it from this is one chick who has a whole mouth full of sweet teeth! Give me a little chocolate and it makes me feel like I've done gone and got Yankee rich!!! Yep, the sweet stuff temps me to the max. Whew, there I said it. I feel better now. Folks, I keep all sweet treats here on the Ponderosa frozen deep in a forbidden corner of my freezer or else I'd be as fat as a tub of lard on butcherin' day and it would take two dogs to bark at me!
If things got any better here for Miss Sarah Grace we'd have to hire someone to come help her enjoy it. Gracie is an excellent eater and here she is demonstratin' how to eat a lion cupcake with all the style that is uniquely hers. This rockin' grandma thinks she's doin' a mighty fine job. Why, eatin' a cupcake like this without wearin' it would be harder than chasin' a herd of cats into a crowded dog kennel! As you can see 'Gracie' has a sweet tooth or two herself. I'm tempted to scoop up this little sugar cube every time she bats those beautiful big browns at me!!!
I've been sicker than a sixth grade boy who snuck into his grand~pappy's bag of chaw this week with a nasty stomach bug. Makin' like Mount Kilimanjaro and runnin' a temp of 103 I've been so weak I'd be hard put to pull the skin off custard but I did manage to use Custom Random Generator. Takin' all the strength I could muster up, I loaded the numbers 1-140. Woohoo....we have a winner of the $40.00 gift code over at CSN stores. I know the suspense is killin' ya'll so our winner is number one hundred and twelve. Our Canadian friend Knitwit over at '2kids, 2dogs, 2cars, 2tired' is the winner. Go pop over, pay her a visit and congratulate her on a great win. I wish I had a big old prize for each and every one of ya! Ahhhh, there's that temptation thing again.
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Our lovely blogsister 'Knitwit' will be singin' right along with the Guess Who happier than a spring robin on wet ground, "oh temptation eyes lookin' through my, my, my soul!" Beltin' out like that US rock band back in the 1970's whose single was released by Dunhill records. "Temptation Eyes" only made it to number fifteen on the US Billboard charts but that lucky Knitwit made it to number one. Winnin' $40.00 to spend over at CSN Stores she no longer has to look longingly at all that cool merchandise with those "Temptation Eyes"!!!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hillbilly Entertainment Center

Hi, my name is Nezzy and I am a virgin. I have to confess, lately I have been propositioned temptin' me to give up my pure untouched chastity. Yep, this Ozark Farm Chick is a giveaway virgin and those wonderful folks over at CSN Stores have tickled my fancy so I'm gonna jump right in with both feet like two starstruck lovers in a barn filled with hay and have a grand giveaway! After I saw what CSN Stores have to offer I was on this giveaway wagon like stink on a polecat!!!

These fine folks have just about anything a body could ever want or dream up. They have everything I would ever need for my Deep Clean Fridays, my personal day of the week!!! Sorry, I'm just twisted like that. CSN Stores have washing machines to wash your finest leggin's, vacuums to make your home dustless, great dust pans to sweep it up all up in and even toilet brushes to make the commode sparkle. Bestow my heart they have polish to shine, steam me now baby and even fancy soap dispensers. What would a Deep Clean Friday be without a stylish close hamper to put those nasty manure and dirt covered cloths in and a great basket for the clean folded items??? Now if that just don't make your skirt fly up I don't know what would. Oh I love to clean, it centers me and make my heart sing!

These fine folks as CSN carry more stuff that Wally~World and then some. For your kitchen they have blenders that whirl and microwaves galore. Heck, they even carry dishwashers ya can wash it all up in. I snooped though their inventory and found luxury thick fluffy bath towels to toilet seats for the bath. I even spotted a Rubber Ducky there. You can stock your bedroom with everything from mattresses to designer beddin' that'll make your toes curl. For the great outdoors I looked at beautiful patio furniture, bird feeders some of the most charmin' birdhouses ya ever laid eyes on. They even had a selection of lawn mowers for this Lawn Ranger. Ooooh, I do so like my grass even but what I truly want to talk about are television stands.
Shortly before Christmas Hubby bought a beautiful flat panel plasma television that would not fit into our current unflat regular television console. Ya know, kinda like tryin' to hammer a rectangle peg into a square hole. My current console was about as useless as a trap door on a canoe so Hubs brought in this Craftsman Workbench from the barn and thought it would do nicely. Hence, the Hillbilly entertainment center. Well let me tell ya Mable, this chick was online with credit card in hand faster that a fly on a fresh cow patty. I found the perfect little console to sneak into my little television corner at flat panel TV stands at that wonderful CSN Store. Woohoo!!! Now isn't that prettier than a blob of butter meltin' on a stack of wholewheat pancakes???
My Non~Hillbilly flat panel TV stand from CSN Stores.

The fine folks are givin' me a whoppin' $40.00 gift code to give to one of my lucky readers. I'm just so happy ya'll could tie me to a ping and roll me in the mud!!! What do ya'll have to do to enter. K.I.S.S. (keep it simple sister!) All ya have to do is leave a comment. That's all folks! I apologize but this contest is restricted to US and Canadian readers only.
God bless and good luck ya'll!!!
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