Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Private Eyes

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We hide behind our pseudo fictitious names protecting our identity. We live in places called 'Tiny Town' smacked right in the middle of Nowhere, USA to secure our safety in undisclosed locations. We marry men who sport names like Hubby, Stud Muffin, Lumber Jack or Farm Boy. We have children called Geek Son and Social Butterfly and yet the thing we fear most as bloggers can happen. One day your readin' your comments and chills dart up and down your spine when someone gets a little too up close and personal. The anonymous word slinger who knows more than you have disclosed desiring to become more intimate than you ever imagined leaving you as wired as a freshly stretched barbed wire fence. Strange unexplained events begin to happen to both you and your followers.

This was the dilemma word smith blogger Paige McDonald found herself in after receiving such anonymous comments on her blog, "Blogging My Brains Out." Things escalated after attending a BlogHer conference in Chicago discovering that some of her bloggin' buddies had been violently murdered. Escalating the terror-stricken author's life is an ex-husband, a jealous dramatist sister, two daughters and her Mother. Toss in a suspicious detective and the FBI and ya got yourself a plot that would make ya turn all the lights in the house on, pull the covers over your head and cry "Mama!!!"

Teresa Moody has taken our fears and written a daunting novel that will unnerve your safety net next time a comment gets a little too personal leavin' ya'll as scared as the first fatted cow in line at a slaughter house. "Tess" is a person of letters and has thrown together several books since 2003. The latest just happens to be the one I won in her giveaway over at Six Feet Under called " Anonymous."

Tess is a urban Midwest wife, mother of three children plottin' on sendin' her to an early grave, a photographer and writer. Now I know where my "Super Nezzy" cape went! You can find your copy of "Anonymous" today at Amazon.Com. Get your copy, lock the door, grab a blankie and be prepared to sing that 1981 rock and roll~rhythm and blues tune from the sapphire eyed duo Hall and Oates, "Private Eyes." Beware fellow bloggers 'cause "private eyes are watching you, they see your every move!!!"

Friday, September 3, 2010


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Not really, although I did shoot the Grandkiddos. Yep, this Ozark farm chick doesn't have the whole clan together very often and was as giddy as a dressed up school girl on prom night receiving the complete cooperation of the whole clan to rip loose and start shootin'. So I grabbed my weapon at hand and commenced pointin' and shootin' yellin' out things like, "say pizza or booger-bite" 'cause I'm goofy like that. Hey, I'll do headstands to bask in the presence of those smiles!

Marian McQuade of West Virginia first suggested the idea of Grandparents Day to honor senior's contributions to our society. In 1973 Jennings Randolph introduced a resolution to Senate to declare the Sunday after Labor Day, National Grandparents Day. It wasn't 'till August 3, 1978 President Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation puttin' Grandparents Day on all our calendars. Like if ya have grandkiddos ya need a special day to go hog wild spoiling 'em.

This rockin' Grandma is as happy as a dead pig in the sunshine to introduce you to the whole coalition. We'll start in the back row with Zacharie who will be sixteen in December and thirteen year old Alexis next to him is holdin' year old Ian who is just jumpin' at the bits to pull Sarah's hair! That deep thinking thirteen year old Ethan is right behind the ten year old jokester, Joel. Sarah will be five next month is just too darn cute for her own britches is standin' beside her big sister Honor, this little princess will celebrate her seventh birthday this month. That last handsome dude is Mr. Jacob who is the big 'one-O' and is makin' like a fencepost to prop up his big bro. Whew, what a tribe!

September twelfth is National Grandparents Day and my heart is burstin' with love and pride. I have eight happy healthy very talented blessings to count. God has blessed me more than I could of ever dreamed. This rockin' Grandma 'Muzzy' can often be heard belting that oldie single Bob Marley and the Wailers made popular waaaaay back in 1973 , "I Shot the Sheriff" but this is one grams who will stick to just shootin' the grandkiddos!!!
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