Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have accepted a towheaded 3.5 year old boy into our Children's Church upon Grandmas request. She wants the little guy to receive instruction on the word instead of playing in the nursery. My guidelines are K-6 but this little fella sits well so we included him into our little group.

He was going to sit up front with us on this glorious communion Sunday during song service. I asked Grandma if she wanted him to partake with the group and she replied with the expected answer of," NO!" We proceeded our song service followed by communion. As the sacraments were passed out, the little gent did not understand what was going on and why he wasn't getting a snack. I continued to explain why we have communion and what the sacraments represent. Grandma just wanted him to be OLDER before he participated. Seeing his confusion one of my 6 year olds leaned forward and very eloquently explained the whole scenario again to the bewildered child on a level that made my heart swell with pride.

I could see the little fella' pondering and processing all the information we stuffed into his little brain. Then gazing up with his big bright blues, he elbows me and says in a voice that lets me know he has figured this whole communion thing out.... "SO, THAT STUFF MAKES YOU OLD, HUH???" ......and a child shall lead us. LOL!!!

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