Friday, February 27, 2009

Top of the morning to you

The weatherman has predicted a measureable amount of snow for tomorrow. As a critter watcher I recognize the signs of oncoming weather both in children and animals. This overcastted morning we have a cool wet feeling wind blowing out of the north. B-u-rrrrrrrrrrr!!! My fine feathered friends are chowing down the buffet of birdseed faster than a mule on skates. (not that I have ever seen a mule on skates, but it sounds like a lot of fun.) The cattle have their heads glued down to the mineral lick like a child with their first ice cream cone. Rocky the squirrel is stealing as much bird seed as the woodpeckers and blue jays will allow. All this activity tells me I better have a good wood supply and a warm fuzzy pair of socks because we are about to embark on a snowstorm. Now we all know how much your MaMa dislikes winter. The word hate is really not too strong. Yesterday I saw the bees buzzing to big oak tree with buds about to spring forth so I can endure one more winter storm. Only because I have the hope of spring arriving very soon. So today after I restock the wood supply, birdseed, dog and cat food, you will find me curled up with my fuzzy socks and the latest seed catalog dreaming of warm summer days.

You all have a happy and blessed day,

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