Thursday, May 28, 2009


They make my heart sing! I have actively been attempting grow a crop of beautifully vivid wildflowers beyond the dusty dirt road that runs in front of our home. This is a project that I have worked on for years. Not just a couple nor a few years but decades of hard labor in the trenches covered in dirt and sweat. Yep, decades of digging, pulling, planting and dreaming of the cascading adornment I could gaze at while cooking in my kitchen. Oh what a wonderful sight that would be. ( Is my OCFD showing?) I could imagine the comments of the people who drove by. WOW!!!

Several years ago we hired a long tall gent who sometimes helped with the cattle round-up to power wash our deck. I decided it was also the perfect day to grab my shovel to turn some dirt and seed my dream once again. This fella' was a city slicker who had moved to our rural town from the Chicago area. He spent the day stripping the dirt road off the veranda scratching his head and yelling, "HEY, WHY 'YA DIGGING HOLES ACROSS THE STREET?" Enjoying his confusion, this mud covered farm chick would just smile and wave. This gentleman was most certainly a city slicker. We all know the country is void of streets. City Slicker completed his task leaving the Ponderosa quite perplexed.

Several weeks later long tall City Slicker cornered my grown son at church asking him, "HEY, WHY WAS YOUR MOM DIGGIN' HOLES ACROSS THE STREET??? Not having a clue what had taken place, my son gave the best answer. He paused for a moment drew a long breath and said, " well...that is where mom buries the help she is unhappy with. Thus, leaving City Slicker who cued the question again last Sunday without an answer.

I now gaze out the windows enjoying my glorious wildflowers and watch the sparse road traffic enjoy the colorful display of floral variations. I am ready to show City Slicker this picture and stop the years of confused torture I have put him through. It's been fun but it is time to let him know that wild things make my heart sing.

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