Saturday, May 2, 2009


Inside my house I have a peace in knowing I have accomplished the tasks I have set before myself. Carpets vacuumed, floors shined, furniture dusted, filters cleaned, clothes folded, toilet shimmers, faucets sparkle, mirrors glisten and windows shine, you guessed it....It is deep clean Friday. (It is really Saturday but my server was down yesterday, so let's pretend.) I can take a deep breath knowing everything is well in MY world. You see on Fridays my type-A personality shines through like a shooting star through a dark nights sky.

Outside I take joy in catching a glimpse of the activities conspiring beyond my windows as I race around the house like a wild woman with a dust cloth. Bees buzzing, hummingbirds humming, cows grazing, birds singing, flowers bloomin', calves romping, dog barking and the creeks roaring higher in its banks. This (being Friday of course..still pretending?) is this fifth straight day of rain.

On this very soggy Saturday morning I measured another eight tenths inches of rain. If my calculations are correct that makes a total of four and eight tenths of rain since Monday. The weatherman is predicting a possibility of another five to eight inches before this stationary waterfall moves out. Where is Noah when you need him? I will have the hip waders and snorkels close at hand. Good thing UGLY is sitting in the drive because Hubby and I may need a boat to float around the old Ponderosa. Doesn't that sound romantic? We farm chicks really know how to plan a week-end. You all have a wonderfully dry week-end!

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