Thursday, May 14, 2009


There is and old saying in the Ozarks that speaks volumes. If you don't like the weather just hang'a change. This saying has held true throughout my fifty six year life. I have been in shorts preparing for a forty degree drop in a manner of a few hours. We can go from winter to summer as faster than a squirrel can change directions. With sudden temperature changes comes wildly violent storms. These storms usually consist of damaging winds, hail, heavy rain, loud thunder that voices echoes from the Gods and lighting bolts pulled toward the earth. I have never been one to do storms well. I tend to freak. My memory replays the tornado I went through when I was five. Hubby on the other hand is destined to wake up in a tree someday.

Fridays Weather Service predicted major severe storm warnings. This blessed event is not an unusual occurrence in the great state of Missouri. This storm was setting up differently we were warned. The feared monster was developing like an on land hurricane with predicted straight-line winds of 75 to 95 miles an hour and an eye. An eye??? Our storms usually do not posses vision. Knowing this and understanding our area I knew this would mean major power outages. This type-A chick kicked into gear getting this deep clean Friday rolling. Power outages on the Ponderosa means the pump in the well fails to work. Yep, you've got it no power, no water, no cleaning!!! There goes MY perfect world.

I proceeded to start laundry, run the dishwasher, clean the tub jets, save water and restock the 'frig with any form of liquid it would hold. Then just as predicted the storm pushed in with all the fury predicted. The sun hid behind the darkness of the morning sky. The bow echo shoved its big belly through bringing horrible storms consisting of everything Mother Nature had to offer. Warnings were casted fast and furious of rain, flooding, tornadoes and the unbelievable straight line winds. Reports of semis being blown off the road, downed trees, missing school roofs, buildings vanished and sadly deaths.(We had seventeen confirmed tornadoes confirmed in the area and the loss of three lives.) The 75-95 mile an hour winds did indeed show its face as promised taking the electrical poles and lines like a child snatching a forbidden cookies. My washer held a batch of whites that had just filled for the rinse cycle when the heart of my home stopped beating. They would have to wait and wait they did.

Friday evenings darkness brought the realization that we were going to be powerless for awhile. We started stringing extension cords from the generator feeding the refrigerator and freezer. First we protect the food supply. Did I mention I like to eat? We could plug in one more item and of course we chose the T.V. God. With the power outage also comes moments that would never happen with life as usual. The things we never find time for like lounging on a bench Saturday afternoon with Hubby just quietly nuzzling watching the birds feed and the cattle graze. Saturday nights light show of the lighting storm in Arkansas showing under a full moon framed with clouds. A spectacular sight that we would have never even noticed through our busyness. Sunday afternoon we were welcomed to our home with the pulses of electricity running through its veins. Everything became normal very quickly. That I am very thankful for that but I will always cherish those stolen moments the night the lights went out.

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  1. I didn't know you and hubby had so much fun!!
    Never a dull moment!


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