Friday, May 15, 2009


I have the most unique mockingbird that has been both pal and entertainment around the old Ponderosa over the past several years. (see Aprils archive: WAKE UP MAGGIE) I have feared she had succumbed to the harsh winter or became the delicious entree to one of the ravenous wild creatures that abide on our acres. I had spotted other mockingbirds but not my Mag. Too much time had passed. I had given up the ghost of a hope that she would return and entered step one of the mourning process. The sadness drenched the quietness of my surroundings as I pulled, dug and planted in my many flower gardens. Gazing at the spots Maggie would land to sing her repertoire while performing her own style of dance, my heart felt her loss.

Last Friday afternoon after my attempt to clean without electricity and reading everything I had compiled in my to read pile the storm cleared. The healing warmth of the sun beamed down on the wounded earth I decided to don the old 'kini to catch some rays on my iron deficient albino body. I spread the beach towel, kicked off my flippies, set the timer and stretched out letting the heat of the sun melt the storms wrath away.
Lying face down on the soft towel, timer set and flippies near my head I was in the ZONE!!!

Then I heard it! The most ranting raving chattering noise blasting from the tree at the working pens where Maggie always chose as her prime residence. I raised my head and called, " Maggie is that you???" The commotion subsided and I convinced myself I was mistaken when all the sudden I heard a soft flutter at my head. Raising my head there on the vee of my flippies sat Maggie the Mockingbird who looked me square in the eye and gave me a nod. She flew to her favorite spots to serenade me that afternoon.

This blessed beautiful morning I kissed Hubby's face good-by reminding him to earn lots of money as Maggie's melodies filled the early morning air. Lingering in my mind is the thought on how God gives us the desires of our hearts as Mag rocks in the tree tops singin' her songs letting us know MAGGIE'S BACK!!!

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