Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Thursday was one beautiful sunny Ozark day. The rain had ceased!! I bounced out of bed with the enthusiasm of the energizer bunny. First the yard and outside chores would be taken care of. Next, I would hit the kitchen with my full meal deal plan. I would make hubby big soft oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies drizzled with icing for his work lunches. Make a big batch of my famous baked beans. Thaw out hamburger for the Nezzy burgers I would fire on the grill for dinner. Grill out? Hey, I might as well thaw out beef short ribs to marinate two days to smoke for Saturdays entree. I had all this going on while I was doing laundry and six other projects swirling around me. I can't help myself, it's just my nature. My day was proceeding as planned.

This was the point Hubby entered the house announcing that he needed me to transport him to the tractor that was hung up. Asking no questions, I immediately tossed the cookie dough in the 'frig, donned my shoes and hopped into the pick-up. On the way behind the old country church and up the mountain I am thinking the tractor is either hung on a stump or sunk in the mud. You know something normal that happens on the Ponderosa from time to time. Hubby cut a donut and backed the two wheel vehicle partially down an incline. Seeing no tractor in sight I turned my head like an hoot owl and looked down the ravine. There at the bottom between two hills and enormous amounts of brush sat the tractor tangled like a fly in a spiderweb. A web of grape vines, timber and brush surrounded the tractor with it's spray boom attached. I know I gave Hubby one of those...you want me to do what??...looks. We had left the the big brown four wheel drive truck at home. Didn't we need the big brown truck? He just smiled at me as he pulled out the chainsaw saying, " after I cut the brush and trees away I can drive it out." I let my breath out with great relief thinking he was going to ask me to pull him out of the depths with a two wheel drive pick-up.

I stayed in the comforts of the truck pondering just how Hubby ended up in this predicament. Surly he could see that was not a good place to drive a tractor. I watched as he buzzed everything away from the tractor freeing it from the web that had it captured. Hubby popped in the seat starting the tractor and began to find his way out of the ravine. Doing so he had the tractors nose in the air with only the two back wheels touching the ground thinking he has brought me just to watch him turn the tractor over. Oh the glamorous life of a farm chick.

As he pulled beside me I asked, "and how many ways was this not a good idea?" He told me that he had a problem with the sprayers boom and had gotten off to fix it. As he was working on the problem the tractor took off over the hill leaving him sprinting to catch it. I am soooo glad he didn't. That really would have not been a good thing. There ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough to keep a farm wife from helping her guy out.

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