Thursday, June 4, 2009


The Ponderosa was jumping yesterday as we celebrated Hubby's birthday. This is the farm boy I have been married to for thirty six years. I knew he was a keeper when the sorority sisters and I had a hankering for doughnut holes one winter evening and decided to call MY boyfriend because everyone recognized this fella would do anything to make Nezzy happy. Not only did he say he would trudge through the nights snow, the moon eyed hunk went from shop to shop looking for glazed doughnut holes. Can you believe Springfield was out of the tiny treats??? Ringing the doorbell with the most salivating box of assorted doughnuts he apologized for not fetching the requested morsels. Yes, this was the guy for me!

The only thing he wanted for his birthday was the traditional angel food cake sporting creamy rich chocolate icing and a good meal. I figure this man puts up with all my quirks and obsessions while still managing to spoil me, it's the least I can do. I hit the kitchen with the gusto of a lovesick teen whipping up this luscious cake and his favorite cashew chicken dinner. Yummy!

The next three months this amazing man will endure every chance I get to remind him that he is the old one. It is custom that I lay it on thick as a triple cheeseburger as I sing," Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!!!"
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