Wednesday, May 27, 2009


"Come one come all, see the amazing Bucky (hubby)! Come set your eyes on the most tantalizing tasty creation ever concocted. Only one minute and forty-five seconds until you touch those luscious lips to the most decadent oatmeal your taste buds have ever latched onto." The voice riveting louder I hear, "Are you ready... ready for the most unbelievably delicious hot cereal you have eaten today?" This is a tradition that can be heard 'round the old Ponderosa every beautiful Ozark Sunday morning.

I am not sure quite sure how this wonderfully welcome tradition started but it is an event I look forward to each and every week. It all started sometime after the children flew the coop and post dairy. Hubby did not have to rise at the crack of dawn and juice the cows before attending church. For the first time in our married lives we could sleep in a little on Sunday mornings leaving me extremely rushed completing the hair make-up thing.

The blessed event I lovingly call Big Top Breakfast allows this primpy farm chick time to apply make-up while my ringmaster is orchestrating the three ring circus in the kitchen. Yep, this clown loves her Big Top Breakfast and her Ringmaster!!!

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  1. Got desperate today while out and had a little oatmeal myself - from McDonald's! I tried the cinnamon and walnuts; found it a little too sweet. I've had brown sugar and fruit once or twice - it was a little better.

    I think I should stick to Quaker Oats!


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