Friday, July 17, 2009


I am learning that the heat of summer is not the best time to idly sit at a computer blogging. It is not that this brain of mine is not filling up with creative ideas as fast as a newborn fills a diaper.Fact is, the great outdoors beckons me to join its vast incitements. Sweet fluttering chirps of hummingbirds,fresh aromas seeping from a rose garden in full bloom, shrill peeps of playful miniature frogs, the loud thrashing of a lawnmower and the inviting hummmmmm of the pool filter lull me into a trance I cannot resist. I find myself hypnotized beyond my backdoor.

The Fourth of July went as planned. The decorated cake was torched with sparklers as the kids all sang "Happy Birthday" to America. Displayed is the only fireworks picture that remotely looked like a firework. This photo obsessed chick found this process most difficult. The guests were all played out, filled up and tiredly entertained as they left the Ponderosa. No one was approached by any of our stinky tenants under the house. ( SKUNKS...Thank Goodness!!!)

Another annual Independence Day celebration on the Ponderosa a success. Another Nezzy exhausted from the work and preparation it takes to pull such a production off, yet so glad I did. Hauling my messy self off to the tub that evening to wash off the day's sticky homemade ice-cream and barbecue sauce, I lowered myself into the jacuzzi singing "I'M A YANKEE DOODLE DANDY" while planning next years event.
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  1. Hey, just commenting back from your question on my blog! I'm not sure which pictures you mean, but I thought pretty much anything was able to be commented on. Hmm...


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