Friday, July 3, 2009

Here we go Round the Mulberry Bush

The Ponderosa hosts a Forth of July celebration each year. That means that this compulsive gal kicks into high perfection mode. Hence the lack of blogging lately. I water the lawn to a lush green shaggy carpet then mow and cross mow leaving every blade even. The flower beds are weedless and every flower has been deadheaded, watered and fed. Hamburgers, hot dogs, my famous baked beans, a decorated Forth of July cake with cooked fudge icing, homemade hot fudge and ice cream await the guests. The house both outside and in is spotless, inviting and smelling like mulberry. Anyone that knows me knows my home and everything in it wreaks of mulberry essence.

I was checking my e-mail when I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye and went to explore. Right there on my carport casually eating out of the dog dish was a teen-age skunk (not a baby nor an adult). I observed to see where the little adolescent cat like creature went when much to my amazement he scooted behind this box that covers the air ducts to our family room. The space was less than two inches wide at the base of this box. Yep, we have a skunk under our house! The last thing our party needs is a skunk charging out from under this box while everyone is filling their plates. Hubby pulled in our drive home from a hard days work when I spotted the contemptuous black and white mammals mother. I yelled to him not to set foot on the carport or he would be blessed with the evil smelling liquid they share. Devising a plan he pulled up behind the pool and entered the back door.

Yes,the man had a plan! Grabbing the shotgun he told me to go into the dinning room and make enough noise to scare the mama off the carport so he could shoot her. I did my job carefully not to frighten her too much. Again much to my amazement, the adult skunk went through the same space her teen did. I saw hubby commin' round the carport sporting his ammo and weapon looking for the creature. I told him what had happened when he looked at the space and remarked, "NO WAY!" I am faced with the realization we have a smelly little family living beneath our abode.

Thursday morning around 1:30am just two days away from the big event we were awakened by an odor that brought tears to our eyes. The kids must have had a spat directly under our bedroom. Hubby left without breakfast because the smell had upset his tummy too much to eat. I lit as many candles as possible, brought out the old potpourri pot and aired the joint the best I could. The annual barbecue and fireworks display may go perfectly but the house, well let's just say.... '' it ain't goin' smell like mulberry this year!!!''
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