Saturday, July 25, 2009


Constantly looking for their next meal they will starve in a few hours if not fed continuously. Their voracious appetite allows them to consume their body weight in fat tasty morsels in a twenty-four hour period. No gals, I am not talking about your hungry hubbies or even your growing teen sons unless they are digging 200 feet a day to consume up to 200 sawfly cocoons as their preferred delicacies. A mole has launched an attack on my rose garden. These little soldiers dig five inch subways in a crisscross zig-zag manner destroying root systems and zapping the life out of a rosebush faster than Obama can say, "I should have chosen my words more carefully!" This being deep-clean Friday puts me in a huge dilemma.

As a compulsive neat-freak workaholic and thinking I'm super chick, I will throw on the old cape and ..."gett'er done!" Yep, this action adventurer can repair the rose garden and clean every crevice in my house in a day. First, I tackled the rose garden digging on my hands and knees for three and a half hours like a dog looking for his treasured bone. Next, I entered the house armed with a vacuum and a dust cloth wildly cleaning as the washer, dryer and dishwasher implemented their orders.

The climbing rose above is named Blaze of Glory. It is the beauty that lures me into my cottage garden as I try to wind down (using the term loosely) from my outrageously self-induced busy day. I sit here in a daze gazing at my healthy rose garden knowing the house is spotless nursing my battle wounds of scratches and rose briers. More "Glory Days" are ahead of me but right now I think I'll just veg out in my glorious glory daze. Good Night!
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  1. Thanks for stopping by! I wish I had the energy to clean that way...I like things that clean, but I hate to do it! LOL


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