Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The tenderness of pure smooth skin free of imperfections, melodious cries bolting forth from a tiny innocent being and the soft cuddly sweetness producing the fresh aroma of a newborn infant......Oh, I do love that new baby smell! My arms are aching and my heart is yearning to hold little Ian again. Yep, this chick is having grand-baby withdrawal symptoms. It has been a very long eleven days without a babe in my arms.

This is my first grandchild that puts miles between me and that glorious new baby smell. Unfounded territory for this rockin' Grandma. I have been blessed with the opportunity to drop in on a whim when the urge hits to get my fix with the others. My DIL has always been very sweet and accommodating when I need a fix as I know my daughter would be. It is the ninety mile difference that stands in my way.

Hubby chuckled at me on the journey home last time as I sniffed my arms hanging on to baby's smell as long as I could. We both stare at the computer pictures of the little guy like kids with a new video game. I look at baby-daddy here imagining the warmth he is feeling in his heart and my symptoms grow stronger. I am sure the only remedy for this illness is a trip to Ash Grove. Until then I will stare at my pics and deal with my "ACHY BREAKY HEART!"
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  1. u don't look like a grandma to me!! u look so young!


  2. What a sweet babe! I hope your arms are filled with snuggliness soon! :)

  3. HA!
    I remember that look on his face...oh the realization that the journey ahead is oh so much more than we ever imagined it would be.

    It's truly is easier to make the baby...than raise it!

  4. Oh you brave woman! I can't believe you actually put Philips picture on here. You know how much he dislikes having his picture taken. The funny thing is that he looks soo grumpy. The truth is lack of sleep from working very long unscheduled hours. He is a very sweet man, a wonderful father, and I am blessed to have him in my life. I couldn't resist leaving a comment on this one. :) Love Ya, Charity

  5. Awww, I know what ya mean, babies are DA BOMB! :)

    That is a sweet one there! ♥

    Thx for posting on my blog!! :)


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