Friday, July 31, 2009


House to the left of me, lawn to the right and here I am stuck in the middle with you. OK, I changed some of the words to protect the innocent but you get the message. I always mow my green acre on Thursday but it rained. I am not talking a little shower here, it poured 4. 7/10" of H2O on the Ponderosa yesterday. This leaves me once again doubled up on my projects donning the super-chick power cape.

I arose at 4:50 am to get started on deep clean Friday scrubbing, dusting and executing all the extras I do on this day. I know, I probably have a problem. Maybe I should sign myself up for a self-help group like Crazed Cleaners Anonymous but I enjoy cleaning. I find it quite soothing . By 9:30am , house in order and clothes tumbling in the dryer, I set off to mow my soggy thicket. It's a two hour mow no matter how I go about it. With full throttle down, by noon I am back in the house dryer humming, pork-chops soaking in their spicy rub and auto-pool cleaner rhythmically tap dancing in the pool. This is when it happens.

I pass by a window and see this deciduous crape myrtle (lagerstroemia incica) waving its big showy clusters at me like a prom queen on a float. Having OCFD ( Obsessive Compulsive Flower Disorder) I find it impossible to resist the dynamite fuchsia crinkly petals that beckon me to join it. Yes, I know, I should be medicated but I love my life. So "HERE I AM STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU" thanking God every day for his beauty and this life He has given me. Enjoy this day, I'm Gonna'!!!
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  1. your blog is really had me smiling!
    have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I love your blog. You are ME (except I think you may be younger and there's a possiblity that you're better looking! No wait --- that's just not possible!) Anyway, yeah, love your blog, and definitely share your disease OCFD. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm gonna follow you ...... in a totally healthy, non-stalking, blogger kind of way, of course!

  3. As Dory said in Finding Nemo, "Oh, boy, this is gonna be good; I can tell."
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I, too, have a love for housecleaning; in fact, when I was a child, and my siblings and I were not allowed out to play until our chores were done, I used to PAY THEM to let me do their chores! Seriously! It was a combination of my love of housework and fear of socializing with neighborhood kids. Is that sad or just plain wierd?
    Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this post and will read further over the coming week. You have a great unique writing style. Thanks for writing!

  4. You make cleaning sound almost fun. :)

    I love when the house is clean, but I would be so happy if I never had to be the one doing it. LOL. A cleaning lady is my idea of bliss!


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