Friday, June 5, 2009


" The Holy Ghost Will Take the Chicken Out of You!" This song has been ringing from our Kid's Church the past quarter. I just closed out Super Sleuth lessons on the Holy Spirit by Young Explorers. It has been a difficult lesson to par down to my younger children but it has also been a fun lesson. It involved magnifying glasses, fingerprints and crimes to solve. Observing me from the outside one might conclude I am totally prim and proper. HA!!! Get me with a gaggle of children and I warp into Peter Pan shocking most adults in the room.

Last Sunday I concluded the final lesson of this series and wanted to review the material covered over the last fourteen weeks.
I was asking questions about the upper room experience with hyper bodies and little eyes glued on me. First we covered the wind blowing..."whooooooooo," wildly waving our arms in the air. Then tongues of fire appeared over everyone, wiggling fingers over our heads. " What happen next?" I asked my little crew. A very bright four year old girl excitedly raised her hand. Jumping to her feet, bouncing like a paint mixer and hyperventilating she shouted out with her most confident voice....THEN IT STORMED!!!!

Tuesday I changed Bob (the Tomato)Holmes look along with the entire Kid's Church to Camp Jesus but these young hearts will always remember their lessons on the Holy Spirit. They will sing the song. They will remember the chicken walk we performed dancing around our chairs clucking and scratching like a brood of hungry chicks while the adults in the room shook their heads and rolled their eyes. Most of all they will remember the wacky Kid's Church director that taught them the Holy Ghost WILL take the chicken out of you.
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