Friday, June 19, 2009


Today is deep clean Friday. I have been hard at it since 5:00 am this morning. The water bed has been stripped, bedding washed , slurping mattress burped and all put back together again. The tub jets are cleaned, toilet scrubbed and sinks are shinny as a sunny day. The furniture is dustless and the floors are spotless. Laundry washed, folded and hung. I have yet to take the filters out of the furnace and wash them but that is next. Did I mention it is only 8:00am??? Why, you ask? Besides the fact that I am just a little crazed when it comes to cleaning. I do this so I have the remainder of the day to enjoy my rose garden and get as dirty as a child in their first mudball fight. Time to transplant, weed and dance through my colorful gardens. Close your eyes and inhale. Enjoy today....'cause "YOU GOTTA' STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES!"

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  1. I love roses and their beauty, although, if I have to imagine "the" flower, I think of a daisy or a dandelion, common flowers of our meadows here in the Alps.
    Beautiful pictures.


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