Friday, August 7, 2009


Oh, what a beautiful Ozark summer day. The sun is shinning bright as a brand new penny fresh out of Fort Knox. I have been attempting to complete deep-clean Friday without getting pulled outside by distractions like this beauty. Far beyond the sounds from the dishwasher washin', washer vibrating, dryer hummin' and Jaws the Vacuum sucking up everything in it's path is this genus of plants noted for its showy flowers.

This particular giant plant reaches it's 11" tropical blooms to the top of my carport. Waving it's countless paper thin brilliant flowers like a delicate chiffon skirt rippling in the breeze, calling me to throw down my dust-cloth
and soak up this glorious day. A gentleman stopped by the other day passing out literature and exclaimed as he exited his car, "My gosh woman ...what do you feed this hibiscus???

I'm coming. I'm coming to bask in the day and enjoy the sweet fragrance produced by the deep green foliage and splendid blooms of the gardens God has blessed me with. I'm on my way to soak in some rays and dance in the beauty because "You Are So Beautiful" to me!

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  1. that song has a very special place in my heart...
    what a beautiful color on your hibiscus!
    have a lovely weekend

  2. Very poetical post, with the beautiful hibiscus flower as its chief protagonist.

  3. Oh, it IS beautiful, and much too enticing to spend the day indoors!
    We have a ravine way down in the rear of our property, in which we throw brush, etc, and invited our neighbor to dispose of his brush, too. Well, he invited his neighbor, and HE invited HIS neighbor, and so on and so on. Last year, some unknown neighbor threw a hibuscus in there and it bloomed and bloomed! It climbed over dying brush and up limbs and covered the overgrown mess with beauty. And I found myself making frequent trips to a formerly unvisited part of our yard, just to marvel at the exquisite blooms.

  4. Beautiful. I love seeing flowers and taking pics. Glad you enjoy the freebies. I know we do here. Hope to see you back. Blessings,


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