Monday, August 10, 2009


Passion, it is the great enthusiasm toward something or someone. It is also interpreted as the sufferings of Christ on the cross. During the taking of sacraments Sunday my mind wandered to communion Sunday last month. We had several young visitors that were not accustomed to church or religious rituals. Being aware of the situation, I explained to the three visitors in my Sunday School class why we partake of communion and what it represents. I then gathered the children for Kids Church, adding another visitor, I went over the whole process again. I also stated that only those who have accepted Jesus should partake. ANY QUESTIONS?...... After a long silence I was feeling pretty confident that I had thoroughly explained everything, I led them upstairs.

We had praise and worship service and the ushers began to pass out the sacraments. My little tribe started throwing questions at me faster than bugs flock to a windshield. I gathered my inquisitive Indians in a campfire huddle on the floor of the sanctuary in front of God and the congregation to answer the questions flying at me like flaming arrows. Questions like, "Is that really blood?' "Will you get drunk when you drink that?" Gotta' love this one. "How did Jesus go to the bathroom on the cross?"...Yep, pretty much cover everything during this pow-wow.

After meet and greet, as pastor calls it ( kids and I call it shake and bake), I took the wild bunch downstairs to Kids Church. This is where I morph into a creature no adult would recognize as the Nezzy they thought they knew. We had a fun time with music, rhythm instruments, bible stories and games. When prayer time came around I had three tender hands lifted to accept Jesus in their hearts. I'm sure the Big Chiefs heart melted as mine did when these little warriors desired to become a part of Gods Village and so glad that God has given me a passion to be a part of it.


  1. Children are so beautifully honest and blunt, aren't they? Thank you for leading these little Indians along their lifelong path.

  2. Oh Nezzy -- How beautiful! It brings back memories of when I taught Sunday School. Isn't it something the questions kids can come up with regarding God.

  3. Thanks for stopping over at my blog. I love this story of honest kids. ;)
    Have a great day!

  4. Hello---
    Thanks for coming by-I love new faces. Come back soon. Your story was cute. Children have a
    way about them don't they.


  5. It was a pleasure you hear from you at my blog. I enjoyed the wonderful story. Last Sunday a friend brought 5 members of the 11 year old football team he coaches. It was great fun!

  6. Bless you for being their for the children. Don't they warm your heart.

  7. PRAISE GOD! This brought tears to my eyes! And I am rejoicing with the Lord for these little ones who have accepted Him as their Savior!


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