Friday, August 21, 2009


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Situated on their fine hairy little hinies (settle down girls,I'm not talking Mel Gibson here) are spinnerets which contain several spinning spools that ooze viscid fluid which hardens into fine silken threads. The eight eyed eight legged arachnids extraordinary web has the relative strength ten times that of steel. On this glorious deep clean Friday I had mounds of household chores accomplished by 6:45am. I obviously have not been the only busy little beaver on the Ponderosa.

As the early morning dew settled to the earth, I was greeted by the sight of an amazing spiderweb on the deck overlooking my cottage garden. Intrigued by the masterpiece I was entranced by its novel beauty like an artist is drawn to a fine piece of art. Going totally against my compulsive nature to clean, I walked away from the cobweb, broom in hand to continue the cleaning bonanza going on in the house.

Later in the day I returned to the deck warmed by the afternoon sun to find no sign of the masterpiece or the artist. All things shall pass away. The treasures that truly count are seen in the blessings we share with others. A lesson this farm chick was reminded of by "The Itsy Bitsy Spider."


  1. What an awesome picture you captured! I not only envy your picture, but the "mounds of work done by 6:45 AM"! Although I'm an early bird, I'm still sipping coffee then! LOL!

    Tammy ~@~

  2. You have an eye for beauty to match your descriptive ability. Never has a spider web been so glorified!

  3. Hi Nezzy, Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping ny and leaving sweet words. You have an interesting and fun blog! Beautiful photos. have a fabulous weekend! Traci

  4. Hi Nezzy---
    Beautiful picture! What the heck time to you
    get up in order to have mounds of work done
    so early--I mean. :)
    Have a super weekend!!!!


  5. Fantastic photo! Have you yet seen the architect? I'm guessing that this was no itsy bitsy, but probably a huge yellow and black garden spider.

  6. Hi Nezzy,

    Thanks for visiting my far as Maggie giving lessons to Tiger the Wonder Dog...she may be able to instruct on eradicating non-odoriferous creatures but in the area of skunks, she's never come out on the winning end--and neither have we! We have at least one living under our shed currently but so far she hasn't tangled with it...her last encounter got her square in the face--I think she may remember that taste and burning sensation!

    What a wonderful picture you captured of the web--I don't like spiders at all, but their webs are fascinating creations!

    Sunshine and smile...Bev

  7. Hi! Just want to say thanks for visiting my choir blog!

  8. What a gorgeous picture! Spiders as creepy as they can be sometimes are another aspect of God's amazing designs.

  9. Love your blog, I added on. Thanks for coming by and your comments about an empty nest were funny! Great pics too! Cindy

  10. WOW. That picture is amazing. I've always wanted to capture a web JUST. LIKE. THAT. still hasn't happened...

  11. What a beautiful picture of that spider web.
    I am sitting here giggling after reading your update you sent me about those skunks! I can't believe they are still there after putting mothballs! The mothballs worked for us and the quick set cement? To funny they are dinning on that stuff!

  12. Exquisite! And we think we are so talented and artistic and creative! What a delightful reminder of who we are and who we share this beautiful earth with!
    (I long for a camera that could capture such a photo!) Thank you for paying me a visit! :) I was delighted to see you!

  13. P.S. I just thought I would jump on and see where you are going. Your blog is lovely and very interesting! I am going to enjoy getting to know you!

  14. Oh that is sweet! I'm not usually a fan of cob webs... but that one sounded pretty. Sometimes you just have to stop and admire the cobwebs. :)


  15. What a lovely writing style you have! Fits perfectly with your beautiful layout. Great to meet you. I look forward to being a retired special ed teacher one day :) Off to poke around in here...

    P.S. Since I don't know any of the previous commenters, I'm curious; how did you find me?

  16. OK, YOUR blog's name is JUST AS luring as mine, dear. What I'm wondering is, is the photo in your post THE web that you saw? If so, that IS a masterpiece.

    Hope you have a faboo day!!!

    - Margaret

  17. What a delightful blog! I feel like I am down on the farm with you escaping this city. Does my heart good. Fascinating, those webs, temporal as they are. Pretty in their own way.

  18. Hiya Nezzy! Thanks so much for visting today!

    What a darling blog you have, incredible commentary.
    What a gorgeous web. I'm cracking up at your skunk-apades!
    Beautiful grandchildren~
    I washed the the hospital shirt that Nova was first put in when he was born and I will never forgive myself. The smell is lost forever!

  19. Oh Girl, we speak the same language! Come visit me at GrannyMountain in Rogers, Ar.
    joy c.

  20. Dear Nezzy,
    I am with you, a happy child running in the rain is a miracle of life, even though he may be splattered with mud.

    Thank you for the post!


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