Thursday, February 26, 2009

Teen Preggers

Good Morning Little Darling,

We have had another fun filled morning around the Ponderosa. Dad delights in purchasing starving, half dead animals at the sale barns and beefing them up and turning a nice profit. Several weeks ago he brought home some skinny bovines that were with calf. Not only were they hungry, they were really too young to be bred. Dad refers to these delightful animals as pregnant teenagers. The thought process here is that you can buy a $600.00 animal for $400.00 and get a calf to boot, hence profit margin. (something we rarely experience in farm life.)

Last night Dad penned the first pregnant teen as she was starting labor. At bedtime he checked his patient and she just wasn't progressing well. He checked her first thing this morning and she was going to need help. As he was leaving the breakfast table something about a C-section was mentioned. Now being a farm wife for many years I know that those lovely words means you loose any profit and then some no matter how cheap the animal is. He then had to don the gloves that go up to his neck , grab the jaws of life (calf pullers) and pull the calf. The young mother survived the ordeal but the little one bit the dust. Dad being the positive person he is just says ,"at least I got a cow out of the deal." This is the same person who brought me a couple sacks of dead ducks from a sale barn shortly after we were married. Yes kids, Mom has had many unique "gifts" over the years. The moral of this story is that getting pregnant as a teen is not a good idea for human or bovines or don't count your ducks before you get them home.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful day,

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