Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Steamy heated ocean breezes, the feel of pure sun toasted sand squishing between all ten of my tiny little tooties. I could surly squeeze in at least one warm December afternoon lying on the beach where the temps rarely fall below eighty. Yep,this Ozarks farm chick was leaving the cold Ponderosa's snowy forecast behind and headed to the tropical tip of Texas. My parents abide in Brownsville but that's just a hop, skip and jump over to 'The Island'. Ahaaah! South Padre Island is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and Laguna Madre Bay. A place where Hubby and I love to escape for a late evenings stroll along the beach and take in the breathtaking sunset. The Island paradise where one can go horseback-riding against the oceans fine mist or grab a boat off the jetties to watch the dolphins dance on the water. South Padre is an excellent spot for a fella' who loves to fish but para-sailing, jet skis, dune buggies or hand gliding are available for the more adventurous lot. Yep, right after feedin' the masses Thanksgiving Day we packed up shorts,sleeveless ware and my 'kini and headed south to a warmer land. I laid it on as thick a a triple cheeseburger that we here headed to a place where the snow won't blow. This chick was commin' back to the Ponderosa toned and tanned!

I can hear the words of my Granny Walden echoing 'round my eardrums, "now, that'll learn ya!!!" Well shut my mouth 'cause I am now eating a bowl full of my boastful words with a big old spoon. Have ya ever heard of Red Tide? Caused by the Karenia Brevis organism, it develops a toxic algeal bloom that can plague shores causing breathing problems, burning eyes and skin irritations. Padre had issued a Red Tide Warning. We had messed with the stuff a few years earlier and developed sores on our legs that rivaled the Egyptian boils. Besides, thousands of dead fish of all sizes had washed ashore killed by the crimson tide left the ocean air less than desirable. Nope, not goin' there, wouldn't be prudent.

The temperatures dropped like a pair of loose uppers eating a caramel apple the day after we arrived never rising above the forties. Did ya hear me???? I said... the highs did not get out of the forties. Did I mention the rain? Tons of rain! Now in Brownsville any cold or rain is normally in and out in less than twenty~four hours but this stuff stuck around the whole trip following us around like a crazed stalker. It was a cold nasty windy winter rain and this chick knows winter when she feels it! The unkind weather beckoned one's heavy red wool winter coat with the hood up. The one left hanging in my coat closet. I had a full beach bag packed that never saw the light of day. I had a supply of CK shorts and cute little shirts to top them off. There was plenty of tanning lotion, swim-shoes and ponytail ties but I did NOT pack for a winter storm in south Texas!!!

Time is always an issue on these trips to visit my parents. As the rest of us,they aren't gettin' any younger and we try to cram as many of their needs as we can into five short days. Dad served on the Sandia Army Base in Albuquerque where the Home of the National Nuclear Security Administration Laboratory is located. In the fifties many nuclear tests were performed such as the testing of the A-bomb. Dad, as many who served during this time, developed a rare form of leukemia that he's battled for well over twenty years. The man's a true survivor who has beaten the odds again and again amazing not only us but his staff of doctors. We just laugh and call him Timex, ya know takes a lick and keeps on tickin'. Mom has had hip surgery and had cataract surgery just before our arrival. Hubby went with Dad and did man stuff like patchin' on the hurricane tattered roof, putting together his table saw stand and helping him set up a debit card. I went with Mom taking her shopping, gettin' her glasses and taking care of other girlie needs. Don't get me wrong, these are things we desire to do while we are there and have the chance.

My Sis, who lives in Brownsville and works on the Island, was not given a day off my whole visit. I was looking forward to some intense sista' time with her but the moments were few. My Mom, Aunt and I enjoyed a lunch at her workplace just to squeeze a little glimpse of her. The big bad evil boss-lady let her off for two days the day I left...go figure!

The night before we left Hubby and I decided we needed to spend a little quality together. It had been rare this trip so planned our date night. Betcha' ya'll are excited for me right now. First we made a trip to a local Mexican grocery store, El Global, to find Mexican Vanilla and true authentic hot sauces to bring home. After that big adventure we headed to Bennigans to split a burger. That's it, but we were together and we had fun. Really, I'm entertained quite easily. The following morning before the sun rose, we hopped in our well heated car and made the 1145 mile excursion back to the Ponderosa. Driving onto the carport I gazed deeply into Hubby's big browns and announced, "I need a vacation!" I hit the ground running and exhausted but I'd lost days in my Christmas preparation that had to be made up.

Yes, in July of 1962 Connie Francis sang her hit song that entered the Billboard Hot 100 ,V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N, adorned with words like, "the weather's warm but were playing it cool" or "we're on v-a-see-a-t-i-o-n, we're gonna have a ball." I know some weekend after the first of the year Hubby will whisk me away to a warm themed hotel room in Branson and this old tired farm chick will have a real "Vacation!!!"


  1. That's usually how I feel after we've had a "vacation."

    My husband and I eat dinner out, then go shopping at Wal-mart, Lowes, or Best Buy. Then we stop and have a Starbucks so that we arrive after the kids are supposed to be in bed. we just like being together too, nothing special has to be done. Most of the time we don't even talk. Just sit quietly together.

  2. Oh sweetie, life is so unfair, ain't it? But, you know, you wouldn't have traded most of that vacation for anything in the world. Already, you're able to look back on it and laugh. Annette Funicello, eat your heart out!
    Keep that bag packed and make sure Hubby gets a room in Branson with a big ole jacuzzi tub. Put your bikini on, take a soak, and imagine the waves lapping the shore as the sun sets. Pop an old movie in the DVD player, snuggle in bed with Hubby and a big bag of popcorn,'re on vacation!

  3. Ok Miss Nezzy,
    I was just checking my blog comments and what do I see, but steamy heated ocean breezes and of course I need to check it out! Hey girl, you got this chick all excited about your ocean vacation, and then, ohhhhhh, not so good! I really wanted to see the pics of you in a bikini, not cause I'm a pervert, but just that it's amazing if you can wear a bikini in your fifties!!! You go girl!!! Great post, great writing as usual!! Hugs, Cindy

  4. WOW!!

    My brother in law has a rare form of Leukemia related to chemicals he was exposed to in Vietnam.

    Blessings and prayers,

  5. Oh darn! The rain, the cold wind, the water warnings! Gee, we have a vacation coming up in January and now I'm wondering if I should make room in the suitcases for some wool just in case Lol!

    I'm glad you got to spend some time with the folks, I love doing that and well, you're just gonna have to go back to get some sister time.

  6. We heard about the winter weather in Texas. In Yuma we didn't have snow but we could not wear our usual summer attire. As luck would have it our daughter came to visit from Canada and she couldn't wear the shorts she packed. We put a positive spin on it though and she was so happy that she missed the blizzards and 35 below back home for at least a weekend. She said the shopping here rocked so that was a good thing too!

  7. Love the vacation! You are so funny, I want to see a picture of your monogrammed nails. xoxo


  8. Hi, new to your blog Nezzy. I would have to agree with Corrie. Time together is what counts. Our date nights too consist of Winners, Starbucks or a drive. Take care. By the way, I hope I can look as great as you do when I call myself a grandma!

  9. It's the simple things that make me happy, too... just going for a drive or a walk makes me happy! Sorry the rest didn't turn out like you'd hoped! Blessings and Merry Christmas dear lady!

  10. Evening Nezzie,
    Look on the bright side at least you didn't get a sunburn!
    Seriously though, I'm sorry that your vacation was a bust but time spent with our parents doing things to help them is never wasted.
    Have fun in Branson.
    Merry Christmas from Normandy

  11. Well, first off - thank your dad for me for serving this country and helping keep us free. He paid a high price for that.

    You write such a good story - it keep me in stitches - I'm sorry it was at your expense.

    I tell you this - you won't regret helping your parents. It isn't easy.

    I hope you and your hubby get to go on another vacation!


  12. Aw Nez... sorry the weather was crappy when you were in TX. The weather has been generally crappy this year.

    Glad you are home safe. Find the Joy,

  13. It was a nice dream you had. I know you'll be looking forward to a real vacation when you can get away. Winter is never my favorite time of year and I dream of beaches, but never get there. Best I can do is my tub full of hot water and bubbles and an ice cream cone to follow.

  14. G'day, Nezzy ~ Are you sure this was actually reality or just a dream? Wake up, wake up! Never plan a vacation, only plan to go somewhere & enjoy yourself ... seldom do plans work out, much less the weather, chuckle.

    I so enjoy your writes, Nezzy ... I know you had fun & enjoyed yourself ... poor little bikini still packed?

    Merry Christmas Hugs, Marydon

  15. Aw.... what a big fat drag. I do love the picture you posted with this. I remember how Annette was contractually forbidden to show her navel. Ha!

    Better luck next year...

  16. Wow. Sorry. At least you got to spend time with family, while shivering. Wow.

  17. Hi!

    Sorry to hear that your vacation was a little rough. Too bad the weather wasn't being nice
    either. But at least you got to have time with your family. That's good.
    Hope you have a better time getting ready for Christmas.


  18. Sorry that the vacation didn't turn out as planned but the good thing is that you still had your date night with your hubby. I love how you make the most of the situation.

  19. You write so well, it's like reading a cool pocket book or magazine story! Lovely post, Nezzy! :)

    I wonder if I can see your snowmen collection... Hmmm... Haha! :)

  20. I don't understand that word, "vacation." Explain, please.

  21. I'm glad you got some vanilla and hot sauce.

    You have a gift with words.

  22. Howdy Nezzy
    I am so thrilled that you dropped by for a little visit ,it was so nice to meeet ya girl :)
    Oh my you are in Texas girlfriend the weather has been the craziest I have seen in many a year !
    My hubby and I love South Padre it is where we go to leave behind all our troubles and be ourselves again .
    I am so sad to hear about the red tide :(
    I do wish y'all all the best this Christmas season and a better vacation !!!!!
    Take care sweet lady and please visit again when you can.
    OH before I go I have to say you have an awesome blog and I look forward to many more fabulous visits.
    Big Texas size hugs with blessings
    Happy Trails

  23. I hope this finds you settling in and feeling like you are relaxed back at home (but accomplishing all those Christmas things) -- Isn't it nice to be home?! Work vacations are just that work and work and then work to have fun but sometimes it is what a girls gotta do - my wish to you is that you can sit and enjoy your beautiful tree, have a cup of hot mocha and just sit!

  24. A great job of making even the unexpected turns of events during your vacation sound fun and humorous. I love South Padre...hate to hear about the Red Tide, but Texas has had strange weather all around this year. I've got a beach vacation planned in January...can't wait!

  25. Bummer! I'm sure your mom and dad were glad to see you. At least it wasn't a once-a-year vacation!

    My dad and an army buddy walked around the site of Nagasacki about a month after the blast, in spite of being told to stay away. It's amazing he lived as long as he did (78). (He died of acute myeloid leukemia, within three days of being diagnosed!)

  26. Oh no! What a huge disappointment about the beach! I bet you totally would've rocked that bikini!!

    Glad you were able to spend time with your parents, though.

    Just keep fantasizing about that future vacation your hubby is taking you on...that'll get you through the cold weather!

  27. Wow! A bummer of a vacation! Not fair I say!
    My daughter and hubby just moved here to Ideeehooo from Houston and they're freezin' their buns off. Poor babies.
    I'm thinking you need to rewind the vacation plans and go back in January. Maybe mama nature will be nicer to ya.


  28. Darn it all! But glad you had fun.
    My hubby and I just booked a trip to Cancun! WooHoo!

  29. Oh no.. poor you! Well, at least you saw your parents and I'm sure they loved having you visit...

  30. Dear Nezzy,
    Thank you for dropping by to see me and for praying for Melanie and her family. It is very painful to have a child go home before the parents. My only daughter, Amy went home on October 23, 2009.
    your blog has brought me more laughter than the barrel of monkey's I threw across the room.
    He is blessed to have survived leukemia for over 20 years....I always say you have to be mean to beat cancer....I called Amy, "My Mean Marine" and although she did not serve for this country...I told her many times she deserved a purple heart for the war she declared on cancer, and she was a brave soldier.
    Next I want to thank you so very much for teaching children's church...they are our future Doctors, Preachers,Astronauts, Teachers, President, Senators and you are making an impact on their life. My husband and I still remember our Sunday School Teachers and so does my Mother. BLESS YOU for your dedication to fulfill this position...awesome.
    And I don't even know what to say about castration and worming....i am a retired nurse but that just seems so I said you're the sista!!!!!!!!! Yippie Tie Yie Yay...bring those baby bulls on...I'll give it a shot.
    You are a wonderfully refreshing and colorful writer...You are certainly producing talent from your computer there on the Ponderosa
    I see nothing but success for you.
    I hope we become friends.
    Angel Hugs

  31. what bad luck....;P

    i think i would have at least hit the tanning beds before i came home lol!

    have a wonderful day dear friend~

  32. Nezzy, remember spring is right around the corner. Sorry your vacation got turned around, but you got to see your folks, so that's the main thing. Hang in there, and just wear that old 'kini under your long handles and dream.

  33. Yikes, that was a trip filled with craptastic happenings! I'm so sorry!

    You educated me on the Red Tide. It sounds downright post apocalyptic. What causes it?

    "The temperatures dropped like a pair of loose uppers" - Nezzy, you can write girl! I love it when you post because you paint pictures in indelible ink.

  34. You are a wonderful sorry-teller. A great way with words which took me right along with you on your V-A-C-T-I-O-N.

    Love Granny

  35. Sorry that your vacation didn't go as planned. However, it did make for a lot of funny blog fodder. I love reading your posts. Your similes always make me laugh out loud. I love the line: "The temperatures dropped like a pair of loose uppers eating a caramel apple..." Hilarious stuff!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday and that your next get-away is more pleasing.

  36. Funny that your title should be "vacation," because just tonight, Z was all about "BAH-kay-shun" and was handing out pretend tickets to us, then we had to follow her to the vacation destination, which was a "big forest" (our bedroom).

    I'm sorry to hear that your vacation didn't go as planned, but at least you got to spend time with the folks. :)

  37. I'm new here. Hi.
    We were JUST talking about Annette and FRanky. Except I couldn't remember Frankies name. I wikepedia'd them.

    following your ass now.

  38. Oh, what a bummer! I truly hope you do get a vacation soon. I hope you're able to slow down and really enjoy the Christmas season, even if everything doesn't get done. I'm preaching to the chior, here, LOL!

    God Bless,

  39. Aw Nezzie...I feel bad for you. I love the beach so much I can only imagine looking forward to it and facing the dreaded red tide. We're freezing here on Cape Cod this week, but we'll be heading south after the New Year and I'm feeling really lucky. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas my dear Nezzie.

  40. Awww Nezzy that kind of stinks to high heaven(literally)about your vacation but Branson sounds pretty good! If you feel like heading to Hermann I have a great B&B suggestion, I bet you and the hubby would love it! Enjoy your Holidays!

  41. HMMMM...not much of a vacation, huh? But, I'm sure your mom and dad were so glad for your help. Hope your time in Branson is more relaxing.

  42. I can only hope that my daughters grow up to be as wonderful to me as you are to your parents.
    I hope your Christmas is happy, and healthy.

  43. oh no ! sorry about the vacation!! are a fabulous daughter! ;) Happy Friday!

  44. Thank you for your sweet comment! Love you! xoxo


  45. Nezzy, appreciate your post(s) thank you. Blessings dear one.

  46. Nezzy, what a fabulous blogger you are! How have I missed it up to this point?

    My sister was born in Brownsville and my uncle lives on S.Padre Island. We have something in common other than the fact that we both seem to be country girls. I am a transplant. My husband was born and raise around this area - I am an air force brat that got drug to the country kickin and screamin! Ha! But now I call it home.

    Love to my friend - may God richly bless you!


  47. Nezzy, I always love all your stories. I am sorry the weather was so bad. I am glad you got to see your family.

    It doesn't take much to entertain me either lol
    Have a great weekend and stay warm. *I need a vacation too* hee-hee... Love you, Blessings, Audrey

  48. Ha! Your v.a.c.a.t.i.o.n. sounds vaguely like some of mine! Ohhh, maybe not perfect, but full of memories :-)

    Our last family trip to Florida's Sanibel Island almost seven years ago encountered the dreaded red tide. NOT a pleasant experience and the kids still talk about that unhappy bad beach vacation :::sigh:::

    Tammy ~@~

  49. The pool in Branson will be heated. Does Silver Dollar City beckon you? It always does me. I love the shops and the "entertainment" here and there. And I love to people watch. There is no better place to sit and watch people.

    Sorry your trip to Brownsville was a bust. But at least you got to see your parents. Treasure them!

  50. Hi Nezzy,

    I loved your post and thank you for stopping by my blog to pray for my sister. I wanted to introduce myself to you and stopped over to say hi. I became a follower of yours today and if you like stopping over at my place, I would be honored if you decided to become a bloggy friend of mine as well.

    Again, I'm happy to meet you and thank you again for your prayer support.


  51. Sometimes those vacations can be exhausting, wishing you restful and joyful days ahead. Jackie

  52. Hi Nezzy, Glad you got to see your parents! Your Dad is a Hero! My Dad also is a cancer survivor..they think he got it in Korea..he has beat the odds for the last 23 years.
    I have heard about the red tide and it sounds nasty..sorry you didn't get to soak up any sunshine.
    Have a wonderful evening:)

  53. I'm just now reading about your non-vacation to Padre Island! My family went to Padre Island on a real (HOT) vacation when I was a girl; we also hit Galveston a few times and got the worst sunburn of my LIFE. Stayed at Hotel Galvez, which we thought was SO NEAT. Red Tide does not sound neat, nor does 40-degree weather at the beach!!!

    Glad you WERE able to spend some time with your folks, tho, and the mini celebration sounds fun :)

    And you're home and not stranded anywhere!!!

    Love reading your posts :)


  54. Hi, I am stopping over this morning from Half Past Kissin' time. I saw a comment you left there and just had to come and say hi! : ) I am so sorry about your vacation. That is the worst. We are getting lots of snow today. It is brrrrrrrrrrrrrr brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr freezing! I hope you can go to your tropical island soon! : )

  55. Ah, I love south Texas and Padre. In fact, I go down there in February for a conference I'm working. Unless it's the middle of the summer, I always find the Gulf coast a little too chilly for bringing out the 'kini (I find Florida coasts the same way).

    I'm in Austin, so I don't have as far to drive as you do. Hoping this coming summer will allow me some beach time, and that the Red tide will be gone by then.

  56. Sorry the vacation didn't go quite the way you planned but glad there were some brights spots even if they weren't in the weather.

    Have a most blessed Christmas!!

  57. I had one horrific vacation in my life from beginning to end. Looking back though it was pretty hysterical. My ex hubby and I went to PR. Someone ripped us off for an excursion that didn't exist, then there was a cab strike so we had to take buses w/chickens and roosters included. It was so $$ that we ran out of money and they wouldn't serve us in the chain restaurants b/c we didn't speak spanish. Then when we got to our airport at home, my suitcase was empty and someone stole all my clothes! And you know you take your favorite clothes on vacation...what a nightmare lol!

  58. MERRY CHRISTMAS NEZZY! So glad I've gotten to know you! Cindy

  59. Nezzy, Hope you are enjoying your Tea and staying warm. Have the best night:) Love and Blessings, Audrey

  60. Well your trip south to see your folks might have had you in cold weather but I am sure just spending time with your parents warmed your hearts and their hearts too. I am not sure what is worse on a vacation...bad weather or the airlines misplacing your luggage:) Happy holidays and hope your trip to Branson in January is a good one.

  61. I hope you get that well-deserved vacay in 2010! :) And I well know the red plague... it happened to us when we were kids, and vacationing in the Outer Banks, NC. We used to go there every summer. Nasty stuff, that red plague. It was pretty stinky too, as I recall.

    Another time I planned a lovely winter vacation to Florida, in Naples and on Sanibel Island... I could not believe my ears as I sat in our villa and heard about the freeze that was curling its fingertips around the very southernmost tips of Florida! We drove to the Keys one day just to get away from the cold!

    I am finally back and in full swing again! Can't wait to get back on my regular ole blog visiting schedule. :)

  62. Went to Jackel Island from Georgia, it started raining, thought we would drive through it, wrong, the front was going that way. Stood in ankle deep water in parking lot, took pictures, went to motel, they were doing construction! Is that some kind of rule for vacations?


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