Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Spring is finally knocking on Mother Earths door with all the signs and signals I look forward to. The bluebirds have chosen their favored real estate and set up housekeeping. The very enjoyable acrobats of the air appeared at my hummingbird feeder last week. Yesterday I spotted a Monarch butterfly on a brilliant yellow dandelion blowing in the wind. Peepers (little froggies) are filling the nights darkness with their active shrill voices. The flora and fauna are bursting forth producing green hues and wonderful colored flowers. I LOVE this time of year!!! It's like I have hibernated all winter and I am coming out of my cozy cocoon into this beautiful new world.

One thing I anticipate seeing with great excitement is Maggie. Maggie is an entertaining comical mockingbird who befriended me several years ago. She follows me around the yard as I dig, pull and pluck my way through my many flower gardens. She can mimic our cats meow and has the squeak of my wheelbarrow down to a fine art. Maggie's best show is the song and dance routine she performs to the oldies atop the transformer as I swim every afternoon. I am a creature of habit and go out to the pool around the same time everyday . If I am late I can always count on Maggie to beckon me with her repertoire until I show up. You might be saying this farm chick spends way too much time alone but I really enjoy this bird.

This is the time of year I begin to worry about this favored mockingbird. I'm usually not one to worry but my mind begins to ponder upon the many things that could happen to old Mag during our long hard winter. Ya know things like Maggie becoming part of the food chain or buried in the snow. So as I break forth the lawnmower, potting soil and annuals I will keep one eye roving in search of Maggie the mockingbird.

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  1. it sounds like you have a lot of fun outside! keep us posted on maggie's whereabouts. :)


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