Monday, April 13, 2009


Several years ago we build a Fort Knox corral to capture and work our cattle without needing to hire a village to do so. Everything was set in concrete as tight as Japanese handcuffs. The panels are heavy metal that rise six foot tall and are welded together. The gates are made of these hefty panels also welded to the corner posts. We have a working tub and a head gate that would amuse Henry the Eighth. Even Houdini could not escape this corral. The prison was structured to hold a wild and crazy bunch of cattle that were born on the ole Ponderosa. Obviously the neighbors visiting cattle did not realize this.

Wednesday I received a call from my MIL stating we had cattle out and were headed toward our house. She got in her car and followed them until they entered the pen I had opened for them. Instantly I knew these cattle did not belong on this Ponderosa. They did not portray the actions of being home or any sense of those warm fuzzy feelings you get as you enter the comforts of your own house. Thinking it would be easy to gather and load these unhappy critters rather than someone chasing them over acres of hills and hollors we locked them in our corral. Big mistake!!! If I had only known what I know now I would had trafficked these demon possessed bovine down the road and left the blessing of a good deed to someone else.

Hubby arrived home from work and decided we would load said neighbors cattle and haul them back home. We gathered our cattle to capture two large calves that had previously ran through the fence. We had what we needed and proceeded to sort animals. Nothing about this was a good idea. I've seen flying monkeys from Oz, Underdog flying the sky to save the world and even flying cows in Twister but they had nothing on our neighbors flying cows. These wild eyed nosed flaring creatures would back up and run with the force of a Mack truck trying to turn us into road kill. Hubby did a triple lutz backward over the corral. I would climb over the panel while Hubby was yelling, "don't let 'em get you!" Believe me, that was my main goal in life at that moment. They would bang into the panel protecting me bloodying their noses and look me square in the eye and do it again. Then with the grace of a flying Lipizzaner this 1100lb animal flew over a six foot panel. Now two different cows did this not once but two different times. The last time jumping in with our cattle again. After three hours of fun, three destroyed gates and some cattle panels bent in half Hubby loaded what was left and delivered them to the neighbors farm.

The following day the visiting critters were no where to be found. Yes, (picure me doing the happy dance), they must have flown over our fence to challenge someone else. Beware out there Hey Diddle-Diddle ' cause these devil crazed wild eyed cattle really can jump over the moon!

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