Monday, April 27, 2009


Rainy days and Mondays may get you down but not this wacky farm chick. My grass is green lush and deep enough to lose my youngest grandchild, the weeds are growing faster than a speeding locomotive, I have not spread my weed and feed or treated the acre of flower gardens for grubs or ticks this spring. Everything needs mulched. I wasted three beautiful summer like days last week. The first wasted day was spent going to the dentist. A much dreaded task for me. I would prefer any of the above chores rather than kick'in back in the ole dental chair. The second day was spent in the city for my MIL's two hour eye appointment and the third wasted day was spent with my head shoved into the ice cave. (defrosting my freezer... butchered a beef) But a rainy day for me is spent catching up my reading, going through catalogs and entering those online contest that I've piled up next to my computer. Today I ordered yet another rose bush (can't help myself..OCFD..obsessive compulsive flower disorder) and a special rose fertilizer to feed my menagerie of roses. I picked out some lavender plants to replace those I lost through the winter. Yes, I try to use my rainy days to catch up on those things I tend to push aside as the weather warms.

As I was clipping coupons this afternoon something caught my attention out the window. A dozen brilliant flame-orange and black Baltimore Orioles landed in my back yard. Their rich, piping whistled notes were singing praises of thanks for the oranges and grape jelly I have been putting out in the anticipation of the arrival of these beauties. These birds are defiantly the real clowns of their species. They made me laugh as they slid side-ways down feeder poles, hung upside down on the feeders and tried their best to drink from the hummingbird feeder using every acrobatic movement they have acquired . A real three ring circus bonanza was portrayed contributing a bright ray of sunshine on my otherwise rainy Monday.

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