Thursday, June 11, 2009


'MY BAD!!! No, I was not born in the wagon of a travelin' show nor did my Mama dance for the money they'd throw. My Papa really NEVER preached whenever he could. But me... I almost shoplifted Tuesday. It was all quite innocent. Really, I am not known as a wanted felon 'round these parts but the whole event left me totally unraveled knowing I could have walked out of the store without paying.

I was checking out my two week buyout of food and supplies at our local Walmart Supercenter. My checkout gal was not a happy camper and I was pulling out my best tricks to improve her day. Using my most cheerful voice to uplift her spirits , I helped load the bags into my basket. Nothing I did put a smile on the unhappy clerks mug. I grabbed the checkbook to pay for the goods reaching to raise my purse I saw a box of Schick Quattro titanium blades resting beneath it. Visions of security alarms went off in my head. I could just imagine my Sunday school class, grandchildren and Kids Church watching as I was handcuffed and carted off to prison. Knowing I would most certainly die incarcerated being no flower gardens to tend in the Big House, I quickly grabbed the box and tossed it to the clerk who was rolling her eyes... again!

I did not manage to place a grin on my grumpy clerks face Tuesday but the gent behind me doubled over with a big belly laugh watching the whole event. I felt a tad embarrassed as I looked behind me, the whole line was smiling and laughing. Sometimes God works in the most mysterious ways! I left the parking lot smiling myself singing "Gypsies Tramps and Thieves" all the way home.

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